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Transport for London: Transforming into a workplace where every employee can thrive

Explore Transport for London’s journey with SAP

Transport for London aims to attract, retain, and develop employees along the journey to sustainability. All this is part of a cultural change for the transit authority focused on creating a caring, open, and adaptable workforce. Transport for London implemented SAP SuccessFactors solutions as the foundation of its HR digital transformation.


weeks to implement SAP SuccessFactors solutions.


of users reporting that the new experience is intuitive and helpful.

Using SAP SuccessFactors solutions can help businesses achieve their ambition to be a great place to work for everyone to thrive.

Fiona Brunskill
Director of People and Cultural Change, Transport for London

The Challenge

Reducing turnover and motivating workers

As the integrated transit authority of England’s capital, Transport for London (TfL) works hard to ensure people enjoy safe journeys on buses, trains, trams, and more. Each day, as many as five million people travel on the London Underground, better known as the Tube.


Recently, TfL refreshed its core values, encouraging employees to be caring, open, and adaptable. At the same time, it announced a new vision, which emphasized the authority’s role as the strong, green heartbeat powering life in London. TfL knows its people are at the heart of making that vision a reality, and that only with their skills, ideas, energy, and creativity can TfL deliver the future London needs.


TfL’s people are also at the heart of how the organization and city have recovered from the COVID-19 pandemic. TfL’s talent strategy set out a support and development road map for its people to help them deliver for London, against the backdrop of significant changes and financial challenges.


The changing nature of the workforce, with four generations working together, means organizations need to think differently about their talent. Manual, spreadsheet-based performance management processes separated employees from meaningful feedback and career progression. TfL hoped transforming its HR technology could help attract and retain diverse and talented workers motivated to achieve the Mayor of London’s transport strategy.

The Solution

Reinventing a workforce culture for a greener future

TfL implemented the SAP SuccessFactors Performance & Goals solution and the SAP SuccessFactors Succession & Development solution. Together, they enable TfL to better connect workers to important parts of the employee experience, such as performance management.


SAP SuccessFactors Performance & Goals digitalizes workforce feedback processes and other programs that help employees feel motivated and valued. SAP SuccessFactors Succession & Development tracks career progression with performance reporting that provides 360-degree feedback and detailed data insights. The SAP SuccessFactors Mobile app allows employees to tap into these experiences anytime, anywhere.


As a result of implementing these solutions, TfL is supporting its colleague road-map ambition to be a great workplace where everyone can thrive, ensuring people feel included, with equal access to opportunities.

The Result

Helping every employee feel valued, motivated, and supported

TfL deployed SAP Performance & Goals and SAP Succession & Development quickly, in just 13 weeks. SAP partner HCLTech enabled successful collaboration between its experts and teams at TfL throughout planning and implementation while also providing project management and solution expertise to meet an intense timeline for deployment.


The performance and career management process is now fully automated and facilitates full participation of the user community, from the commissioner of TfL down to new graduates and apprentices. As a result, TfL has been able to reduce the time it takes to complete specific events in the performance cycle and introduce continuous performance management. TfL now has access to on-demand data, enabling it to report confidently and effectively to the commissioner at the top of the organization and to the finance team. As Fiona Brunskill, director of people and cultural change at TfL, notes, “As members of the Executive Committee have put their objectives into the system and made them public, everyone in the organization now has visibility.”


Now, TfL is empowered to track career progression with data on each employee. Managers and employees are having productive conversations about employees’ performance and goals, and managers are using the solutions to make decisions about employees’ readiness for new roles and tasks important to TfL’s sustainability mission.

Our talent strategy brings stronger engagement through clear objective setting, continuous performance, and development conversations. We have the opportunity to improve internal mobility through succession planning capability, creating a diverse talent pipeline at all levels.

Fiona Brunskill
Director of People and Cultural Change, Transport for London

Future Plans

Creating a foundation for HR innovation

Implementing SAP SuccessFactors Performance & Goals and SAP SuccessFactors Succession & Development was the first phase of TfL’s HR digital transformation. This has created a sound foundation for the second phase, which will see further SAP SuccessFactors solutions implemented for the management of core HR data, onboarding, recruiting, and compensation. The transit authority hopes this will further support its ability to attract, retain, and develop employees and ensure that TfL is a great place to work where everyone can thrive.

SAP helps Transport for London run better

Key business outcomes and benefits

  • Automated processes to facilitate full participation of the user community, from the organization’s commissioner to apprentices
  • Enabled a cultural change that supports employee career progression with 360-degree feedback and performance reporting
  • Gained the ability to coach managers and employees to achieve company goals such as sustainability
  • Created a sound foundation for phase two of the HR digital transformation and implementation of additional SAP SuccessFactors solutions
  • Enabled anywhere, anytime access to HR experiences on mobile devices

Featured solutions and services

  • SAP SuccessFactors Performance & Goals empowers employers to recognize and reward top talent with intuitive, digital employee performance management tools.
  • SAP SuccessFactors Succession & Development creates meaningful engagements that nurture employee growth throughout the employee lifecycle.
  • SAP SuccessFactors Mobile provides anywhere, anytime access to HR tools and data on iOS and Android devices.

About Transport for London

Transport for London (TfL) is the integrated transit authority managing the public transport network and main roads in London. TfL is responsible for keeping millions of people moving every day on buses, trains, trams, and more in the country’s capital.

Featured partner

HCLTech is an SAP partner focused on creating successful experiences with SAP solutions. Specializing in technology for a range of business functions including HR, HCLTech brings years of project management and solution expertise to every engagement.

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