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SAP Trust Center

Your source of information on cloud performance, security, privacy, and compliance.

Data Center Locations

The below map shows the data center locations where the selected SAP cloud services are currently operated. 

This world map displays data centers that currently operate SAP cloud services. Please note that SAP cloud services may as well be enabled for deployment on other than the displayed data centers. For some SAP cloud services, a customer can select the data center during the implementation of the service. SAP deploys secondary data centers (not listed here) in the region of the primary data center for backup and disaster recovery purposes. SAP may open additional data centers, but SAP does not change a customer’s selected data center to a data center in an alternate region unless the customer requests SAP to migrate its instance to another region. For more information, please contact your SAP representative.

How we operate our
SAP data centers

In our SAP data centers we take measures that are based on industry and technology standards.

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