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Customer Snapshot: Overview

4th largest power provider in Austria

Who likes to be surprised by a power outage? Imagine you are just sitting down for a family dinner when suddenly, all the lights go out. It’s dark and you are scrambling to find candles and matches. Then, you can’t watch TV, and the refrigerator and heat stop working—which nobody in Austria likes, as temperatures easily drop below 30°F in the winter.

Who knows when the power will return? Energie Steiermark is the fourth largest power company in Austria. With support from SAP, they make sure the lights stay on for their customers.

Energie Steiermark AG

€1.37 billion

Number of Employees

Line of Business
Asset Management

SAP Solutions
SAP Customer Relationship Management (SAP CRM), SAP Enterprise Asset Management (SAP EAM), SAP Multiresource Scheduling, SAP Work Manager

Graz, Austria

Customer Website

Implementation Partners
ENERGY4U – An Atos Worldgrid Company


Customer Snapshot: History

Powering the Steiermark for 18 Years

Customer Snapshot: Business Model


Security Promotes Innovation

Energie Steiermark is committed to providing customers in the Steiermark region with innovative services and new products delivered from a secure and reliable network.

What is special about Energie Steiermark.

The Challenge

A Commitment to Deliver Reliable Energy

Energie Steiermark is determined to be a reliable partner for all their customers in the private and industry sector. Therefore the company is always looking for ways to make their work more efficient and reach their customers more quickly. Leadership knows streamlining operational processes and eliminating paper-based work order information for technicians would take them to the next level of excellence.

Why we needed a solution.

Enter SAP


Quick and Cost Effective

Energie Steiermark turned to SAP for expert support in building an internal solution called “Info Mobil”. The new system enables technicians to work more efficiently, and all staff to reach customers with excellent service more quickly. The result is a more economical operation on all levels.

Energie Steiermark relies on software from SAP to be the backbone of their Info Mobil Solution. These applications include SAP Multiresource Scheduling and the mobile components of the SAP Work Manager.

Made up of three components…

Enter SAP: The SAP Experience


Roll Out On Time, On Budget

The implementation was completed in time and on budget. Products and services by SAP and ENERGY4U complement each other, which resulted in the positive experience for Energie Steiermark.

SAP Multiresource Scheduling and the SAP Work Manager mobile app have the smooth integration and flexible configuration capabilities our business needed. We worked with ENERGY4U, an Atos Worldgrid Company, on the implementation, which ensured the project’s huge success. We have now gone paperless and our planning processes have improved significantly. —Thomas Balber, Project Manager for InfoMobil, Energie Steiermark AG

Better Business

Mobility Means Efficiency

Energie Steiermark’s employees are equipped with their mobile devices on their assignments and can receive additional orders from the back office that are on the same route. This way, technicians are on the scene more quickly for repairs resulting in improved customer satisfaction. Gaining work time is also a major benefit for the company.

Mobile flexibility permits efficient planning.

Better Business: Benefits

Happy Employees, Happy Customers

Energie Steiermark employees are very satisfied with the Info Mobil solution. Thanks to a complete paperless work order process that works online or offline, their daily tasks are more quickly completed, and the job is much more satisfying for them. They are better prepared for the maintenance duties, and can avoid going along nonsensical routes. The HR department benefits from Info Mobil, as they no longer receive time-sheets in paper form, leaving less room for mistakes.

Going paperless also supports their ambition to become a Green Company and protect the environment.

No more nonsensical routes.

Better Business: Run Simple


Hitting the Mark of Excellence

Energie Steiermark demonstrates its unique business character by delivering innovative services and new products based on a secure and reliable network. SAP products provide the basis for efficient maintenance tasks on a daily basis, and contribute to saving the environment. SAP plays a key role in powering every aspect of the company’s success.

Journey Ahead

SAP – Partnering For Green Energy

The SAP Work Manager App will be in use by 358 technicians by the end of the final roll out phase. Maintenance processes will be continuously improved to deliver ever more reliable energy to customers. SAP will continue to be part of Energie Steiermark’s strategy as it becomes a thoroughly ‘Green Company’.

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