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Customer Snapshot: Overview

More than 2.5 billion passengers in 2013

Keolis is a passenger transportation company that’s going places – but until recently, their HR processes were stuck in neutral. With a goal of boosting sales by 40%, Keolis needed to attract and retain the right people. That’s why Keolis implemented a full suite of SuccessFactors core HCM solutions. With SuccessFactors solutions, Keolis is now recruiting 1,000 talented people each year.


€5.1 billion

Number of Employees

Travel & Transportation

Paris, France

Customer Website

Line of Business
Human Resources

SAP Solutions
SAP SuccessFactors Compensation, SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central, SAP SuccessFactors Performance & Goals, SAP SuccessFactors Recruiting, SAP SuccessFactors Succession & Development

Customer Snapshot: History

On the Road to Market Leadership

Customer Snapshot: Business Model

Getting People Where They Need to Go

Keolis is one of Europe's leading public transport operators, established in 14 countries on four continents. The group offers a full range of transport solutions to meet the needs of local authorities and passengers, and constantly strives to offer their clients mobility choices in tune with the priorities of each geographical region. Drawing upon a corporate culture that prizes innovation and a comprehensive understanding of networks, lifestyle patterns, and passenger behavior, Keolis deploys modern, efficient, and sustainable transport.

Customer Snapshot: Success Strategy

A Market that Spans the Globe

Keolis seeks to help passenger transport authorities attain their goals of providing efficient and effective public transportation to their populations. The group’s international strategy revolves around their three key geographical zones. In Europe, Keolis plans to consolidate and pursue organic growth, with particular potential in the UK passenger rail sector and in Swedish urban transport. In North America (especially the US) and Australia, Keolis is involved in bids for new operations that would extend their territorial coverage.

The Challenge

An Uphill Climb to 40% Growth?

Keolis knows that people are the key to their continued outstanding performance. In fact, the company wants to increase sales by 40% by 2017, and plans to meet this goal by attracting, retaining, and developing the right talent. But until recently, Keolis struggled to optimize their HR processes. Since Keolis managed employees by way of spreadsheets and binders, their managers lacked adequate visibility into workforce data.

Paper-based processes were not only inefficient, but also weren’t compliant with regulatory requirements. As a result, Keolis’ recruiters couldn’t track applications effectively.

Securing their succession plan…

Employees struggled to manage their own career paths. And managers couldn’t identify their most talented and promising team members.

Enter SAP

Next Stop: Cloud-Based HCM

Keolis set out to meet their challenges by implementing a comprehensive, cloud-based HCM solution. Unlike other vendors, SAP was able to present Keolis with a solution that would be simple to implement and use. Keolis was impressed by SuccessFactors’ integration, ease of global deployment, and positive track record with clients.

 In addition, at the time Keolis made their evaluation, SuccessFactors was the only SaaS solution on the market that could cover all of their business processes.

Why choose SuccessFactors? 

Enter SAP: The SAP Experience

A Solution Designed By Managers – Not Just For Managers

With the help of SuccessFactors Professional Services, Keolis deployed a broad suite of SuccessFactors solutions, including Employee Central, Recruiting, Performance & Goals, Compensation, and Succession & Development. SuccessFactors’ professionals helped Keolis get the know-how they needed from other companies in the transportation sector. Just as importantly, they worked closely with Keolis’ managers to help them design a solution that would directly address their needs. Today, 1,800 managers across France and Belgium use the system each day.

Better Business

Helping Employees Chart Their Own Course

Now that Keolis has deployed SuccessFactors across Belgium and France, employees can easily update their own HR data and personal information. More importantly, they have started to manage their own career paths. Employees have easier access to internal job openings, and can automatically receive customized alerts on new opportunities. Keolis’ HR staff has also used SuccessFactors to streamline the internal application process.

Better Business: Benefits

Sometimes the Best Hires Come from Within

With SuccessFactors, Keolis’ HR staff has built a talent pool database that makes it much easier to manage applicants—leading to overall cost savings. With real-time access to reliable HR data through a user-friendly interface, Keolis’ managers now have a much easier time tracking the performance review process. Thanks to greater overall efficiency, Keolis’ HR team can focus on high-value tasks, rather than data entry and basic transactions.


people recruited each year through the system


managers mobilized internally per year


increase in information filing related to performance management


managers across France and Belgium use the system each day

Better Business: Run Simple

Configurable System Puts Keolis in the Driver’s Seat

Keolis can now configure specific features in their SuccessFactors platform in response to urgent business needs. Keolis’ HR team also looks forward to implementing SuccessFactors Learning. The company hopes to transition from an on-shelf learning catalogue driven by pre-configured career paths, to a talent-based training offering that will enable them to leverage development more effectively. SuccessFactors Learning will enable Keolis to use and share information collected through online succession planning and performance measurement.

Journey Ahead

Talent Management Knows No Boundaries

In the months to come, Keolis plans to roll out SuccessFactors solutions within their UK subsidiary, across North America, and in their Nordic and continental Europe subsidiaries. That means hundreds more managers will be able to log on and identify their top talent.

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