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Customer Snapshot: Overview

Biggest retail store in the Middle East

Whether buying a lamp, remodeling a kitchen, or building a new home, ABYAT is committed to personalizing the experience. The SAP Mobile Platform allows sales representatives to help customers design their dream homes without ever having to leave their sides.


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Line of Business
Sales, Service

SAP Solutions
SAP Mobile Platform

Kuwait City, Kuwait

Number of Employees


Customer Snapshot: History

Growing Faster than They Age

ABYAT was founded in 2008 in Kuwait City with the goal of providing people who are building or renovating homes with one place to buy everything they will need. Since then, revenues have grown tenfold and the company has expanded or is expanding into the other Arab states in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC).

Customer Snapshot: Business Model

Everything, Including Custom Ceilings, Under One Roof

ABYAT is the biggest retail store in the Middle East. Their aim is to provide all the products a home owner, contractor, or company could need to build or remodel the perfect house, including electrical, plumbing, kitchens, wardrobes, doors, windows, flooring, bathrooms, lighting, and building exterior products.

Customer Snapshot: Success Strategy

Uncompromising Devotion to Each Customer

ABYAT devotes tremendous energy to ensuring that high-quality personal service is provided to each customer. For example, every visitor to every ABYAT store can access valet parking, free design services, and personal consultants. The company wants the customer experience to be as effortless and comfortable as possible.

The Challenge

Keeping Undivided Attention Undivided

A typical ABYAT store has 22,000 square meters (~230,800 square feet) of showroom space. New construction and remodeling often means customers travel through several departments to select products. Accompanying sales representatives recorded customer preferences on paper and had to return to a computer workstation to check product information such as price and availability.

ABYAT wanted representatives to be able provide value-added services without having to leave shoppers or consume more of shoppers’ time.

Enter SAP

Desktop-free Engagement & Empowerment

SAP has a reputation for helping their customers empower and engage their customers, employees, and other stakeholders. After evaluating other mobile solutions, ABYAT selected the SAP Mobile Platform to transform the customer experience.

Enter SAP: The SAP Experience

Education and Implementation

To ensure a smooth transition, SAP carefully trained ABYAT staff how to use the new custom app built on the SAP Mobile Platform. Sales representatives learned how to use their mobile devices to capture customer requests and check product availability in real-time. ABYAT went live on the platform only eight weeks after initiating the project.

Better Business


Personalized Attention to Detail

By implementing the SAP Mobility Platform, ABYAT is enriching the customer experience and improving overall store efficiency. Each sales representative carries a mobile device and can accompany shoppers to find and compare items, automatically check availability, and help customers complete their purchases.

Better Business: Benefits

Sharper Employees, Happier Customers,
Revenue Growth

Compared with previous sales training, implementation of the SAP Mobile app has helped reduce training time by 75%, while boosting overall sales efficiency by 30%.

The convenience the app provides customers has helped elevate overall customer service ratings by 50%.

Better Business: Run Simple

The Freedom to Roam Through Dreams

ABYAT customers are often looking to create their dream home. Some come in with specific ideas; others need inspiration. The app built on the SAP Mobile Platform allows customers to experience all 22,000 square meters of an ABYAT store with as much or as little guidance as they need from their personal representatives.

When the perfect item appears, the app supports real-time communication among front-line sales staff, warehouse workers, and the checkout counter. It enhances one-on-one attention to customers at ABYAT by improving customer freedom within stores and by reducing the time it takes to serve each customer. Customers benefit from better and faster bespoke service that still meets ABYAT’s exceptional standards.

Journey Ahead

A Future of Seamless Connections

The seamless integration of the custom app on the SAP Mobile Platform with ABYAT’s internal processes and data represents many new opportunities. More user-centric experiences can be built on a platform that seamlessly connects with backend systems and scales and evolves as business needs change. Future options include customer loyalty management, inventory management, and supply chain management.

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