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Customer Snapshot: Overview

Worldwide, ~350 million people have diabetes

Roche Diagnostics

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Life Sciences

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Health, Run Live, Run Simple

Basel, Switzerland

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R&D/Engineering, Service

SAP Solutions
SAP Connected Health, SAP Cloud Platform


It’s creating stronger relationships between doctors and patients, motivating people to take charge of their health, and giving doctors real insights into patient’s lifestyles that they never had before.

Customer Snapshot: Success Strategy


Managing Chronic Illness Anywhere 24/7

Living the healthier lives we dream about…

What if these insights could prevent most chronic illnesses now and into the future?

The Challenge

To Age Gracefully, Without Chronic Illness

With growing longevity comes new health challenges for millions of people who live with chronic medical conditions. In fact, soaring levels of chronic illnesses are the leading cause of deaths, and represent one of the greatest social, economic and political transformations of our time.

The lifestyle disease that could be prevented.


The challenge is for effective prevention and treatment of illnesses on a grand scale, in ways that will empower people to be proactive with their healthcare. Take Roche’s newest live pilot in Germany, which aims to change the future of the first-world lifestyle disease, type II diabetes. For all the millions that do have type II diabetes, there are millions of people who are pre-diabetic and in danger of this diagnosis.

We can’t wait for the diagnosis.

Average person's lifespan: now 20 years longer

By 2050: 2 Billion people will be over 60

Enter SAP

Where There’s a Mobile App, There’s a Prevention

Called Accu-ChekView, Roche’s new package combines a blood glucose monitor, a wearable fitness tracker, and an App developed by SAP that are integrated together. Specifically targeted to meet the individual needs of patients and doctors, now a patient’s vital signs and blood sugar level can be watched in relation to their physical activity level, in real-time. The doctor can monitor the patient remotely, and the patient can communicate with the doctor’s office.

What makes this unique.

Better Business


The Doctor in the Palm of Your Hand

In order to perform such seeming magic, it was critical to have the right solution for this program. Using SAP Connected Health on the SAP Cloud Platform, all the needed data is securely gathered, stored and processed—giving the doctor and patient access to immediate information and feedback.

Connected to the doctor all the time.

Better Business: Benefits

Patients Get Moving When the Doctor is Watching

Connecting closely with the doctor like this creates a stronger relationship, having a psychological effect that is supportive and empowering for patients. For instance, little mistakes and slip-ups in lifestyle can be caught quickly because the app will red flag the issue, and the doctor and patient can work on solutions together. If a patient is not being active enough, the app is a good support tool to motivate them to get back on track.

The doctor is watching…

Prediabetic people can now conceivably reverse symptoms and live a normal, healthy life. And doctors are now learning more about what causes chronic illnesses much faster, with this “bird’s eye view” of a patient’s life in action.

Journey Ahead

Changing Medical Care Forever with Mobile Technology

These powerful new innovations in connected care are promising to allow doctors to get deeper with their patients’ personal treatment plans, and change the way doctors treat patients in multitudes of ways. Saving lives and curing diseases can be their focus, one individual patient at a time.

Changing the way doctors treat patients.

Health & Education 
Health and education are essential to well-being and sustainable development. SAP technology is at the epicenter of complex medical issues around prevention, treatments, and cures for cancer, diabetes, and other diseases. We are also deeply committed to empowering the world’s youth, working adults, differently abled people and the unemployed with the right skills they need to thrive in the digital economy.
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