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Customer Snapshot: Overview

42,000 patients and more than 9,000 surgeries per year

Founded in 1995, ARCUS Sports Clinic is young, ambitious—and they are looking for highest standards. Continuous growth goes hand in hand with investment in their people and technology.

ARCUS Sportklinik R+B Klinik GmbH

€7.8 million (2012)

Implementation Partners
PlanOrg Informatik


Pforzheim, Baden-Wuerttemberg, Germany

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Line of Business

SAP Solutions
SAP Electronic Medical Record


In terms of the medical reputation we are one of the leading hospitals. Each of these surgeons is a nationally and internationally-recognized expert in their area.—Dr. Andree Ellermann, Medical Director, ARCUS Kliniken Pforzheim  

Customer Snapshot: History

Consistently Expanding Facilities

Customer Snapshot: Business Model

Expanding the Client Base by Accepting More Insurance Plans

ARCUS Sports Clinic originally treated only patients with private insurance. Recently, the company began offering services to patients with many kinds of insurance.

Customer Snapshot: Success Strategy

Growing with Experience and Specialization

ARCUS has accumulated many years of experience and specialization in a wide range of medical services. The company is also a pioneer in the usage and development of cutting edge technologies. Today, ARCUS is a leader among German clinics that specialize in orthopedics, sports-traumatology, and cardiology and accident surgery. They currently serve more than 42.000 patients a year, with 142 beds and more than 9,000 surgeries annually.

The Challenge

Quality Standards Second to None

Everything ARCUS does meets the highest quality standards. The company provides complete prevention, therapy and rehabilitation services. Their outstanding staff engages personally with patients, and gets credit for much of the success of the clinics. Expectations for employees are above average, and ARCUS invests in their people through regular training. The challenge is always to determine how best to improve standards, and maintain their stellar international reputation.

Enter SAP


The Proven Answer From SAP

SAP was already known as a strong partner. After they had worked successfully with SAP for business administration, it was clear to them that they wanted to continue this good work in the area of medical services. SAP EMR was their first choice and the implementation was done in just six months, starting in October 2012 with a go-live in March 2013.

When SAP Electronic Medical Record was presented to us, we immediately knew that this solution belongs to us , reports Oliver Kraut, IT Project Manager at ARCUS Kliniken Pforzheim

Enter SAP: The SAP Experience

Efficient Records Teamed with Maximum Security

SAP Electronic Medical Record supports ARCUS throughout the entire clinical process. It begins with the diagnosis and continues through the surgery planning, encompassing the patient management after the surgery. Even once the patient is discharged, the file is still maintained for them. The combination with SAP Afaria as the mobile device management solution was critical to keeping confidential patient data secure.

Since we already worked with SAP solutions we knew that security is not an issue. —Oliver Kraut, IT Project Manager at ARCUS Kliniken Pforzheim

Better Business


Time Saved on Paperwork = Time for Patients

SAP EMR makes record keeping easier for the medical staff, and saves time that clinicians can invest in patient care.

App mobility allows for more time with patients. 

We particularly use SAP EMR in the area of night shifts and monitoring services…this means that we can have mobile access to patient-related data, even when we are at home. And that surely increases the quality of the treatment. Mobile access to the digital image archive primarily gives us time. That's time that we pass on to the patients. —Prof. Schmidt-Wiethoff, Executive Physician Knee Surgery at ARCUS Kliniken Pforzheim

Better Business: Benefits

A Smooth, Integrated System

SAP EMR has helped ARCUS realize:

Quick mobile

access to the medical files




time management


patient care

Better Business: Run Simple

Cutting Edge Patient Care

SAP EMR is now the interface to backend systems like KISS by ORBIS, the information system called Medistar and the PACS by STARC Medical. Doctors can access all information on their iPads working on patient records anywhere, any time. And they communicate with one another the same way, to discuss a medical indication or the next steps of a therapeutic regimen.

Staff can plan the activities for their next day, and most importantly, present information to their patients on the iPad with SAP EMR.

A doctor no longer presents their patient with old fashioned x-ray photos. Now they have a clear and precise digital picture they can discuss—and patients really like this. SAP EMR fits perfectly into the clinic’s strategy of being on the cutting edge of high-end sports-medicine technology.

A new bedside approach for patients.

Journey Ahead

Moving to Phase Two

The second phase of the SAP EMR project at ARCUS Sports Clinic will see selected processes open for mobile data entry into the KIS Orbis application. Under consideration is the general implementation of SAP Afaria to manage all mobile devices, including access and governance at ARCUS Sports Clinic. SAP Afaria will guarantee security of all patient data at ARCUS Sports Clinic.

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