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Customer Snapshot: Overview

>1 pig for every 2 people in China


Creating and distributing safe, eco-friendly feed to 1,300 suppliers and customers is a big challenge for any fast-growing enterprise. Anyou Biotechnology Group needed a way to connect each isolated information silo and coordinate their efforts across China and Southeast Asia. With the help of SAP and Shanghai MTC Information Technology Co. Ltd., the only silos they’re working with are the ones they fill to feed more than half a billion pigs each year.

Anyou Biotechnology Group

US$1 billion

Number of Employees

Consumer Products

Taicang, China

Customer Website

Implementation Partners
Shanghai MTC Information Technology Co. Ltd.

SAP Solutions
SAP Business One

China produces 2x as much pork as Europe, and 5x as much as the USA.

Customer Snapshot: History

Two Decades of Caring for Livestock and Farmers

Anyou Group (China) Co., Ltd. is a R & D, production and sales of high-tech environmental Feed Industry Group, specializing in the production of R & D Anyou feed, creep feed, and artificial milk products, which make Anyou China feed industry brands.

Customer Snapshot: Business Model

These Little Piggies Go to Market

Anyou Group’s business philosophy, ‘quality, brand, success’, and the implementation of a strict quality management system ( CWQC ), has provided a strong guarantee for achieving excellent quality, from the precise formulation & selection of raw materials to fine processing.
Anyou Group has its own unique set of 3S service systems, namely, environmental monitoring, and raising diagnostic improvement to help pig farmers to achieve the dream of a successful pig. In 2009, in order to better serve customers, Anyou Group established an expert service center in animal nutrition, livestock operation, swine disease prevention, pig design, feeding and management for clients to improve breeding quality.

Customer Snapshot: Success Strategy

Bridging the Gap Across China and Southeast Asia

Anyou needed a consolidated IT platform that would streamline operations and increase transparency for the business, its distributors, and the farmers. Anyou has unified data management so it can make faster, more-informed decisions to stay ahead of customer demand and continue to feed its competitive edge.

The Challenge

Connecting the Parts for a More Efficient Whole

Anyou was looking to increase operational efficiency and integrate financials across the company, connecting the suppliers, farmers and distributors across a vast, disconnected landscape. Anyou was looking to connectivity to help them make data-driven decisions that would benefit everyone in the supply chain and boost the business as well. Safety was also a major concern. When you’re feeding such a large percentage of livestock, enterprise-wide benchmarking and accountability, eco-friendly practices and overall food safety are a major concern.
Anyou needed to connect each independent silo of their business into one integrated database to Run Simple, creating a better, healthier business for everyone involved.

Enter SAP

Creating Transparency to Better Serve Livestock and Farmers

Anyou worked with MTC to deploy SAP Business One powered by SAP HANA® to seamlessly integrate the solution and unite all areas of the expanding company. The result was centralized, real-time data management group-wide, increasing transparency across the business from planning to costing to inventory management.

18 months to deploy SAP HANA across 40 companies

Enter SAP: The SAP Experience

Data-Driven Decision-Making Eliminates Guesswork

Real-time data access and analytics help decision-makers get to the root of the company’s needs across all areas of the business.

60% increase in operational efficiency

Better Business

Easy Access to Data Across All Silos – Grain and Information

The stability, scalability, and high ROI of the SAP Business One® application helped Anyou streamline their accounting and finance cycle by 67% by creating multiple detailed, multidimensional cost-management reports.

Operational costs reduced by 10%

Better Business: Benefits

Happier Farmers, Healthier Pigs, Stronger Bottom Line

With real-time data access and analytics using the SAP HANA® platform, Anyou can now dial down inquiries to see stockpiles and use of raw materials, labor, overhead and utilities, increasing efficiency, lowering costs and reducing waste.

Better Business: Run Simple

Filling the Piggy Bank

Real-time data analysis helps Anyou and their partners Run Simple. With improved communication among producers, consumers and distributors, these increased efficiencies lead to less waste and make work more productive. Thanks to the partnership with SAP, the livestock is well-fed and the farmers have the materials they need to keep producing healthier pork products for the largest pork-consuming countries in the world.

Deploying SAP Business One powered by SAP HANA with MTC made our operations more efficient. Management is streamlined and controls are standardized, reducing risk. Our data is integrated, eliminating information silos. Our decisions are faster and data driven, giving us a competitive edge. – Mr. Deng Meng, CIO, Anyou Biotechnology Group Co. Ltd.

Journey Ahead

An Eye Toward the Customers

The next step for Anyou is to increase customer satisfaction and loyalty. They are looking to deploy the SAP® Customer Relationship Management application at headquarters for a 360-degree view of customers. They are also seeking to consolidate financials across the group by integrating the SAP Simple Finance solution with SAP S/4HANA and SAP Business One.

In a nation where pigs hold a symbolic function beyond the food chain, Anyou hopes to discover as much as they can about their customers to help them meet the country’s growing demands for pork products now and in the future.

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