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Smarter earthquake safety

How safe are buildings from earthquakes? Would they hold up after a major seismic event? These are the questions Japanese manufacturing company Hakusan are being asked – and SAP is helping them answer.

Shaking up seismic monitoring

Hakusan discovered the perfect low-cost seismometer to attach to buildings: the smart phone. They built an app to measure impact– but realized that they couldn't process the hundreds of thousands of data points fast enough to understand what the data revealed. They needed a technology partner– and chose SAP.

SAP HANA and SAP Cloud Platform provided the solution – with a simple, intuitive user interface; in-memory computing to handle data from as many as 100,000 devices; and analytics to quickly determine the damage from an earthquake event.

The result? Vital building information delivered much, much faster.

Helping the world run better

An inspired solution

Using SAP technology and smart phones, it's now possible to assess the structural integrity of buildings – quickly. Hakusan and SAP are now upgrading the prototype app to the fully-featured myShindo app – to connect hundreds of thousands of devices generating about 4 TB of data annually.

A better outcome

With crucial building information in hand, building owners and contractors can determine if the structural integrity of a building is intact and if not, reinforce the structure. Citizens can feel more confident, knowing that structural integrity is being monitored and addressed.

A better industry

Using SAP technologies, the mobile app can process information faster to determine the integrity of building structures – a new, innovative way forward for the monitoring of earthquakes.

A better world

Earthquakes pose a threat to billions of people in almost every part of the world. With a vision for change and the right technology, it's now possible to reduce the associated risks. The Hakusan/SAP solution can be extended anywhere earthquake disaster could strike, potentially saving countless lives.

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