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Learning & Career Development

At SAP, everyone is a talent – and everyone has a different view of what “success” looks like. So we encourage you to bring your personal talents and passions to work, and combine them with SAP opportunities to create your ideal career. We’ll provide you with the career development tools, job training, and support you need to bring all of your career goals to life.

Learn something new every day

Be part of a global learning culture – where everyone is a teacher and everyone is a student. At SAP, learning happens all the time and in many different ways: on the job, through interactions with your peers, and via formal learning activities. Our people truly are our greatest asset, and we love investing in them – so every aspect of your learning and career development is covered by SAP.




Learn as a



Train using
mobile apps



Build knowledge
your way


Run at your personal best

This isn’t just a job – it’s a big part of your life. Spend some time figuring out where you want SAP to take you, and we’ll help get you there. Learn all about our career development tools and framework, including the 70-20-10 approach, in this infographic.

Explore SAP’s career development offerings

Opportunity Finder

Internal recruiting platform, Career Navigator, and Pathfinder for finding new opportunities at SAP

Online & Self-Paced Learning

Functional and cross-functional learning for sales, services, products, finance, HR, and marketing.

Tailored Talent Support

Support for early talent, experts, fast-trackers, leaders, women, and differently abled colleagues.

Peer Learning

Peer learning culture with award-winning coaching and mentoring programs – free for all employees.

Beyond-the-Job Experience

Opportunities for new work experiences through fellowships and job rotations – at home or abroad.  

SAP Career Success Center

Virtual and in-person career guidance, coffee corner sessions, speaker events, and recruiter speed dates.

Hear some great career stories

Career path spotlight: Expert

SAP’s more than 21,000 Experts and Chief Experts are growth creators, inspiring innovators, and thought leaders who drive our products, services and sales. At SAP, we provide a dedicated program for our Experts to support holistic professional development, a clear career path, and a strong community to make sure our Experts shine.

Use domain expertise to create business value for customers, employees, and society.
Holly Yuan
Chief Operating Officer, SAP Labs China

Holly drives innovations like Business by Design, Digital Labs and even CSR programs like TREES, creating business value for our customers, employees and society.

Creating new ideas and getting development teams and experts behind them is an important aspect of innovation.

Stefan Bäuerle
Chief Development Architect and VP, SAP HANA & Database

Stefan’s work, ranging from new functionalities in HANA to cross-topics like machine learning and cloud impact in the context of HANA, has been instrumental to SAP’s technology strategy.

For Experts, teamwork is the key.
Franz Faerber
Executive Vice President, P&I Big Data

Franz and a team of developers brought SAP HANA to life. Now Franz and other Experts help customers turn their data into actionable and usable insights with SAP Vora, our in-memory computing engine.

$100M invested into career development annually

We owe it to each other to constantly push the boundaries of who we are and what we’re capable of. This isn’t possible without extreme accountability at the individual level. What are you committing yourself to do? There’s a magic in you that only you possess. How will you use it? Will you better it by learning, growing and expanding? In the end it all comes down to trust. Have trust in yourself to call on your indomitable will.
Bill McDermott
Member, SAP Executive Board
People icon
Bill was given Leadercast’s 2016 “Leader Worth Following” award for his authenticity and vision.

Career advice bytes

What’s the best career advice you’ve ever received? Our employees answered this question in byte-sized form. Check out the collection of advice – including tidbits like “make smart mistakes,” “learn to say no,” and “build your personal brand.”

Women in high tech

The high tech industry is known for its male-dominated workforce – but SAP has been working hard to counter this trend. Gender equality is an important part of our mission – and we’re committed to having at least 28% women in leadership by 2020 and 30 percent in 2022.


Leading by example

At SAP, we see leadership as a profession. We hold our leaders accountable and create a consistent leadership road map to help employees advance their careers and climb up the ranks. Learn from other leaders, prep for leadership with international rotations, hire your team, build trust, and more.

Employer awards

Ready for the next step?

Your dream job is calling

Create your profile in the SAP Talent Community and set up alerts for the job areas you’re interested in. You’ll automatically be notified when an opportunity becomes available.

How to apply to SAP

Finding a new job can be tough, so we want to make the application process easy for you. Here’s what you can expect, step-by-step – from applying to interviewing and onboarding. 

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Life at SAP

We go to great lengths to ensure you have every opportunity to succeed – in your own way. Flourish in an environment that encourages free expression, collaboration, individuality, and diversity. Learn how we operate, innovate, work, play, and give back – to make sure we’re the right fit for you.


We offer some of the best employee benefits in our industry. Your particular benefits package will depend on your position, location, and years with the company – but no matter what, it will be comprehensive and competitive. 

Job areas

Act boldly and innovate at SAP – no matter your career path. Explore job opportunities in sales, development and technology, consulting services and support, corporate operations, marketing and communications, HR, and finance. 
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