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Matthew O’Boyle

Commercial Sales Executive, Dublin, Ireland

The aspect of people is what I’m into. I invest a lot of time in people, SAP is run by people not software. Matthew O’Boyle

At SAP, we believe that when you bring everything you are, you can become everything you want.

My name is Matt O’Boyle, I am a SuccessFactors commercial sales executive based in Dublin, Ireland. I have been working with SAP for just over a year, as my first career step out of college.

I studied Irish language, Geography and Maths in Maynooth University. I was always the guy in class who was more concerned with campus life than my studies – especially when it came to the Irish language and media, my biggest passions. As president of the Irish society on campus, I was an advocate for fair language rights, and for Irish speakers to be given the full opportunity to make use of our reviving language. As Irish is not widely spoken fluently in Ireland, a small portion of speakers do not get a lot of opportunity or choice to use their native tongue. I campaigned for changes, which eventually made our campus a bilingual campus. Now, this was a small victory, but it started something. I wanted to make more changes for the benefit of my fellow students so I ran for Students’ Union President, thankfully I was elected.

At the age of 20, I began my role as Students’ Union President, representing 11,500 students locally, running a student bar, venue, shop, restaurant, and managing a multi-million euro budget. I was thrown into deep water without having ever studied business before. Until then, I never had an interest in business, and didn’t see myself being a part of it, but through this role, I learned to love it. My business acumen drastically changed and my personal career goals changed with it; representing the students taught me so much about socio-politics, economics, and general business. But that experience is not how I got into SAP.

I ran many campaigns based around student welfare: mental health, physical health, sexual health, etc. One campaign was to do with the high rates of student unemployment nationally. Students literally could not afford to come to college and could not get a job to support themselves while studying. This was very troubling to me. So, I picked up the phone and called thousands of businesses across the country where our students were living gradually finding more and more openings for employment for Maynooth students! What started off as a few became a few hundred students with new part-time jobs and internships.

At this point, my time in the Union was coming to an end and I sought out employment. I saw SAP were looking for an intern recruiter to source sales people across EMEA. I interviewed and was thrilled to be offered the job! I got to meet some amazing candidates and was enabled to change people’s professional lives, which was an incredible position. I sourced some of the people I work with today and seeing them succeed gives me great pride.

My 6 months of recruiting was almost up when a position became available for a young talent for the Commercial Sales Academy – I decided to recruit myself for the position! I joined 40+ other young sales professionals from around the world for our training in San Ramon, California. I even recruited one of them, which was pretty funny. And to this day, I am still friends with this group and even visited the Egyptian cohort for a week this summer with another Academy graduate from Barcelona.

Not to be clichéd, but the last year with SAP has been somewhat life changing. The experiences I have had have been incredible in and outside of the office. At this point, I just can’t believe SAP has invested so much in me as an individual and my success. I never thought that I would see so much of the world and meet so many inspiring professionals by the time I was 23.

For me, the meaning of success is going home and being proud of what you do and believing in what you’re about to do next. I’m fortunate enough to be proud of my job and even luckier to believe in my role and where it will lead me.

Outside of the office, I’m a pretty happy-go-lucky guy. I love music, traveling, CrossFit, and socialising with my friends, of course.

The best moment for me in SAP was undoubtedly my time in the Academy. I said earlier that I had a passion for media, as I used to love presenting my own radio show in University. In fact, my dream was to be a presenter. In the Academy, I was asked to host a panel discussion with the biggest leaders in commercial sales – including all of the regional VPs and even the man who hired me 6 months previously, which was a proud moment of mine.

For now, my biggest goal is to give back to SAP and pay my dues. I want to justify SAP’s investment in me – a young, chatty, possibly overly optimistic up-start with no previous education in Business. And again, not to be clichéd, but I would love to do my leaders proud, especially those who put their energy and time into my development as a Commercial Sales Executive. It’s time to put my training into practice, and see what I’m made of. Fingers crossed!  

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