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Innovative Application Development Services

Develop one-of-a-kind solutions that help you thrive in the digital economy – with our application development team.

Achieve your organisation’s greatest goals with SAP Innovative Business Solutions, the foremost experts in developing unique, leading-edge software solutions for the enterprise.

  • Envision a bold future via exploratory workshops that get to the heart of your exact business needs 
  • Transform your world with high-value solutions developed by SAP experts and built just for you 
  • Thrive with confidence assured that your unique software is maintained and operated by SAP

SAP Innovative Business Solutions: Make Innovation Real

Learn how SAP Innovative Business Solutions empowers visionary enterprises to achieve their greatest goals through unique, leading-edge software innovation.

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Software Development for the Internet of Things

Connect with a wide and ever-growing network of people, processes, machines, and devices – whether you manufacture goods or provide services. Quickly and accurately access, transport, and exchange huge volumes of Big Data. Reimagine your processes, customer experience, and entire business with IT services that can help you:  

  • Use real-time, current data from connected devices, sensors, and software 
  • Quickly, easily & accurately access, transport and analyse your distinct Big Data elements 
  • Make faster, smarter strategic decisions that transform your business
Development Services for Cloud Applications and Extensions

Take advantage of your SAP cloud platform to catalyze innovation and increases business agility. Rely on custom application development to create new, high-performing “killer apps” and solutions. Get to market faster by leveraging proven agile development methods and standards. With our services, you can:

  • Quickly adapt cloud solutions or build new applications to address unique needs and ever-changing market conditions
  • Focus on your core business while we build, operate, and maintain solution extensions
  • Free up your initial capital investment with predictable, cloud-based subscription pricing
  • Minimise cost and risk by synchronising solution extensions with road maps for standard SAP cloud products
Development Services for SAP Hybris

Deliver meaningful customer experiences that your competitors cannot match.  Stay ahead of changing customer demands, and deliver exceptional customer value.  Ensure smooth, seamless, continuous customer engagement and interactions – anywhere, at any time, and on any device. And do all this yesterday.

Bring your unique digital commerce innovations to life – faster than you thought possible – with SAP Innovative Business Solutions.

  • Innovate jointly with us and the SAP Hybris experts to design and develop ground-breaking solutions for commerce, marketing, service and sales that precisely address your specific needs
  • Collaborate through our agile, design-driven development approach which puts you at the centre of every stage of development
  • Benefit from tailored SAP Hybris solutions synchronised with the overall SAP product strategy and fully integrated with existing standard SAP software
  • Rest assured that your unique software investments are protected for the long term leveraging the same SAP support infrastructure and cloud operations centres
Support Services for Custom Solutions

Protect your custom-developed SAP solutions and increase their reliability – so that you can stay ahead of business challenges and outmaneuver the competition. Simplify operations by relying on the same unified support structure as for your standard SAP solutions. With support from our expert team, you can: 

  • Increase operational stability and speed issue resolution 
  • Minimise risk when applying support packages and enhancement packages to your base SAP software 
  • Free up your team to support the continual transformation of your business

Use Case Video: Speech Recognition & Visualisation

Learn how to optimise technical processes and training by working with SAP Innovative Business Solutions to add speech recognition and visualisation to your standard software. 

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