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SAP HANA version 2.0 SPS04

What's new in SAP HANA 2.0 SPS04

SAP HANA 2.0 SPS 04 empowers everyone with data by democratizing in-memory computing. Learn how the enhancements in this latest support package helps you act with intelligence, modernize for agility, and scale cost-efficiently.

SPS 04: Database Enhancements


  • Simplify administration and boost the performance of large deployments with recommendations for system optimisation and data tiering  based on actual operating conditions and delivered through the SAP HANA cockpit
  • Scale hybrid transactional analytical processing (HTAP) workloads efficiently with fine-grain control in allocating computing resources to different types of consumers
  • Streamline infrastructure administration and accelerate resource provisioning through software-based, centralised management of computing, storage, and network resources with a choice of certified hyper-converged infrastructure (HCI) from SAP partners

High availability

  • Increase system availability with new multitarget system replication options that can change replication paths automatically after system failures and improve recoverability across distributed landscapes  
  • Improve system recoverability and resource utilisation by deploying multiple active secondary systems at regional locations, which can deliver faster local-read access to data
  • Optimise the latency for written transactions across geographically distributed landscapes by rotating the primary system across data centres as business activities come to life in new time zones 

Data security and privacy

  • Share data with employees, customers, and partners without compromising data privacy 
  • Apply expanded anonymization models, such as L-diversity, as well as simplified hierarchy configuration and configurable data retention policies to improve auditability

SPS 04: Advanced Analytics Processing

Geospatial data processing

  • Reduce sampling bias and aggregate geo-coordinates quickly with support for in-database hexagon clustering, which is accessible from Esri ArcGIS
  • Reduce the storage footprint of geospatial data by a factor of two and use the tools of your choice with the expanded support for open source geo-services
  • Benefit from cloud APIs for global forecasting and historical weather, simplify custom modelling by taking advantage of ready-to-use statistical models, and use an intuitive labelling tool, powered by machine learning, to identify landscape features in earth observation images – all available in SAP HANA service

SPS 04: Application Development and Tool Enhancements

Tools and prepackaged content

  • Create more demanding applications by extending the memory capacity for SAP HANA, express edition in the cloud, to 256GB, which can be purchased on the Amazon Web Service Marketplace
  • Improve development productivity with compatible tools, available in the cloud and on premise, with more support for the cloud application programming model in on-premise tooling for SAP HANA
  • Accelerate the development of data models and intelligent applications by embracing the data and machine-learning capabilities of SAP HANA from native R and Python environments through standard APIs
  • Achieve results faster with a broader portfolio of native machine-learning algorithms, embedded R functions in SAP HANA streaming analytics, and the choice of managing the lifecycle of a TensorFlow model directly from SAP HANA 

SPS 04: Data Management Enhancements

Data federation

  • Query remote data more effectively with new enhancements in SAP HANA smart data access (SDA) 
  • Provide federated access to high-availability Hadoop clusters 
  • Adopt a new generic adapter framework to connect more remote data sources easily

Data tiering

  • Achieve an optimal cost-to-performance ratio for warm data access by taking advantage of the new SAP HANA native storage extension. 
  • Manage warm data of virtually any type on disk 
  • Load warm data in memory automatically, when queries need to access it 

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