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Sales order creation from quotations

Create sales orders quickly from sales quotes using natural language with insights and predictive suggestions to accelerate the sales process.

Approval workflow for credit memo requests

Get immediate domain-specific insights on areas that need your attention within the credit memo process, and take rapid actions to solve issues and process all incoming approval requests.

Billing and invoicing integration

Increase automation to improve customer responsiveness and cut receivables management costs. You can automatically trigger postings to accounts receivable based on sales transactions, and record and manage accounts receivable data for all customers. 

Order and contract management

Improve revenue and cashflow by managing the order-to-cash process across all touch points, channels, and functions. You can get role-based access to accurate, real-time information on products, pricing, customers, and contracts to help achieve KPI targets such as days sales outstanding.

Logistics and order fulfilment optimisation

Improve logistics and order fulfilment with self-service, catalogue-based, or plan-driven functions. You can gain full visibility into processing performance with real-time reports and analytics, and simplify order fulfilment with intuitive interfaces and managed catalogs.   

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