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SAP mobile experience

Our powerful suite of mobile apps can keep your business moving forward across any industry and line of business.

Where experience begins

From processing key numbers quickly to managing workflows and apps, SAP Mobile Start enables people in all lines of business and across processes and industries to perform the right tasks at the right moment.

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SAP Mobile Start

SAP Mobile Start is the central native entry point to our mobile experience. It brings personalised decision-making with on-device intelligence to standard Apple iOS and Android devices.

  • Apps, processes, and workflows across your company are always available, wherever you are
  • Integration with SAP Task Center brings together all tasks into one place where you can take immediate action
  • Cutting-edge native mobile experiences enable simple navigation, push notifications, actionable alerts, search, and more
  • Robust offline and online capabilities allow you to work uninterrupted at the edge

Supply chain resilience, enabled by SAP mobile apps

SAP Service and Asset Manager

Prolong the life of your assets, improve customer service, and boost asset reliability and performance across the supply chain.

  • With the SAP Service and Asset Manager mobile app, service technicians can use digital representations of machinery with real-time sensor data and insights across connected assets to install or maintain equipment. 
  • Whether you’re connected to the network or working in an offline environment, SAP Service and Asset Manager is always there, keeping your production running.

SAP Warehouse Operator

Take full control of your warehouse with the easiest and most immediate answer to growing demands and exploding costs.

The SAP Warehouse Operator mobile app brings the power of SAP Extended Warehouse Management to scenarios within the supply chain where fast onboarding, flexibility, and accuracy are more important than ever. The app’s intuitive user experience is tailored to warehouse operators’ needs to perform critical warehouse tasks wherever they are, supported by the latest contextual awareness and visualisation features.

SAP Direct Distribution

Increase efficiency and data accuracy for last mile distribution with a blazingly fast, paperless execution.

The final mile is the most complex and costly stage of the supply chain. With the SAP Direct Distribution mobile app, delivery drivers are intuitively assisted by planning and routing features when supplying retail stores. The app is built on SAP S/4HANA, providing real-time visibility throughout the last mile distribution for direct distribution process with automation features, such as automated settlements.

The most effective workforce with the most engaging technology

SAP SuccessFactors Mobile

Engage your workforce, connect people across your enterprise, and facilitate effective human resources – as simple as navigating your favourite consumer apps.

  • SAP SuccessFactors Mobile app adds social and collaborative features to SAP ERP Human Capital Management, helping people around the world collaborate and work faster on a wide range of HR-related tasks. 
  • People profiles allow mobile users to call, text, or e-mail coworkers directly, showing office locations and organisational charts. 
  • Employees can manage their goal plans and get tailored educational offerings, while people managers receive the assets they require to conduct successful recruiting processes. 
  • Workflows, such as approving requisitions or handling leave requests, make every standard task a snap, leading to high employee satisfaction rates among workforces.

In charge of your expenses, wherever you go

SAP Concur mobile app

Tweak spend management to the max by giving people the most intuitive tool to manage their business travels and expenses on the road, in the home office, or somewhere in between.

  • While managing travel plans can be exciting, creating and submitting expense reports after traveling can be a time-consuming task. 
  • With SAP Concur mobile app on your smartphone, processing invoices is so much quicker, easier, and more flexible that it can already be completed before returning home. 
  • With today’s hybrid work styles, the app enables managers to track every dollar more easily, wherever they are.

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