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SAP Engagement 365

Drive sales, loyalty, awareness and revenue with SAP Engagement 365

Get a fast, effective, and direct line to consumers with SAP Engagement 365. These powerful engagement services can help you interact with your customers and prospects anytime, anywhere - via their mobile phone - with innovative mobile loyalty, research and marketing services. Leverage support for the entire customer lifecycle – from creating awareness to facilitating purchases, post-purchase support, and retention.    

  • Reach any mobile subscriber, on any network, in any market   
  • Acquire new customers with compelling mobile marketing 
  • Build consumer relationships with mobile loyalty and couponing programs   
  • Gain deep customer insight with made-for-mobile research and survey tools

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Mobile messaging for enterprises

The digital economy is changing how enterprises and their customers communicate and interact with each other. Learn how mobile messaging is being integrated into an increasing number of business processes as a key enabler of this transformation.

Engage customers though the power and reach of mobile

Interact with your customers and prospects anytime, anywhere, via their mobile phone with mobile marketing, loyalty, and research programs. 

What's included

SAP Engagement 365 for Marketing

Reach out to customers and prospects with personalised, targeted communications and marketing campaigns – integrated across your mobile channels.  

  • Improve customer engagement with personalised and targeted messaging   
  • Integrate easily with social media channels   
  • Reach any customer, on any device, on any mobile operator’s network
SAP Engagement 365 for Loyalty

Create and manage compelling mobile reward and loyalty programs – such as unique coupon and voucher campaigns – to maximise customer retention.    

  • Encourage loyalty with real-time interaction and rewards programs  
  • Extend programs through integration with SAP Engagement 365 Marketing and Research    
  • Create closed-loop vouchers and coupon promotions that work on any mobile device
SAP Engagement 365 for Research

Gain a deeper understanding of your customers’ needs and preferences with engaging, personalised surveys presented right on their mobile phones.    

  • Personalise survey content for higher response rates and engagement levels   
  • Support everything from snap-polls to complex research   
  • Accelerate responsiveness with instant, actionable insights   
  • Extend programs through integration with SAP Engagement 365 Marketing and Loyalty
Connect and Engage with Consumers
Discuss best practices in engaging your audience with mobile marketing, research and loyalty services.
Digital Interconnect
Catch up with the SAP Digital Interconnect team, get their thoughts and viewpoints on how to engage with consumers, around the world, through mobile messaging services.
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