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Compensation Planning

Manage rewards and compensation with real-time insights by using a single, unified solution.

Centralised oversight of compensation planning

Roll out and execute compensation strategies across the organisation with central oversight and the flexibility to optimise compensation programmes for local markets.

Support for a pay-for-performance culture

Build bonus programmes based on business, team, and individual performance goals and use calibration tools to tie employee performance with rewards and make more objective compensation decisions.

Configurable views for ideal planning

Design unique worksheet experiences for various organisational roles—with customised views, data filters, and collapsible columns—to provide planners with relevant and need-to-know employee data.

Real-time budget insights

Gain visibility into budget utilisation across your organisation with roll-up reporting, and improve decision making with access to compensation metrics, data insights, and relevant employee details.

Compensation Program Design

Optimise your compensation programmes with advanced modelling and forecasting capabilities based on best practices.

Guideline and budget modelling

Simulate different budget scenarios—in ways that support strategic goals and differentiate parts of the organisation and employee performance levels—to determine optimal compensation guidelines.

Bonus forecasting

Emulate various business outcomes to validate forecasting and spend on bonuses for employees.

Templates based on leading compensation practices

Customise worksheets for compensation planning using best practice templates.

Employee Recognition and Reward

Motivate your employees to perform at their best through timely recognition awards and acknowledgments.

Instant recognition messages

Help motivate employees throughout the year by using reward and recognition tools that provide real-time acknowledgment of milestone achievements and outstanding contributions.

Spot awards programmes

Oversee the spot award lifecycle, including budgeting, localised currencies, nominations, and payment processing.

Multiple reward options

Set up multiple employee recognition programmes, including cash-based, points-based, and “thank you” design options.

Configurable personal compensation statements

Communicate the value of rewards packages to employees with configurable personal compensation statements.

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