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SAP BusinessObjects Analysis for OLAP

Web-based data analysis as part of an integrated BI platform solution

Empower your business analysts to answer the most sophisticated questions quickly – using our Web-based data analysis solution, SAP BusinessObjects Analysis for OLAP. Explore multidimensional data in an intuitive interface and easily share insights across your enterprise.

Why SAP BusinessObjects Analysis for OLAP?

Because it helps business analysts in mid to large enterprises get quick answers to complex questions. A self-service multidimensional analysis tool, this integrated BI platform solution is ideal for SAP Business Warehouse (SAP BW) and SAP HANA customers – but it also caters to offerings from selected third party OLAP providers.


Analyse multidimensional data to answer business questions quickly and efficiently – and easily share insights across the enterprise.

Provide analysts with access to all online analytical processing (OLAP) data sources within an organisation.

Reduce costs and effort associated with analysing OLAP data in a multidimensional database.


Product Capabilities

Learn about the OLAP analysis capabilities delivered with the SAP BusinessObjects BI platform:

Analytical Capabilities

Uncover business insights with just a few mouse clicks using an intuitive, graphic Web-based interface that can be shared across the enterprise.

Deep business insight

Consolidate heterogeneous OLAP data sources into a single workspace and navigate across multiple dimensions and hierarchies to answer complex questions.

Leverage deployed infrastructure

Reuse SAP Business Warehouse component cubes, queries from SAP Business Explorer tools, and Microsoft SQL Server cubes. Integrate and report with the SAP BusinessObjects Business Intelligence (BI) platform.

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