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Source to pay with SAP AI

Take the complexity out of the procurement process.

Turn sourcing into a competitive advantage

Transform your source-to-pay process with SAP AI to gain enhanced visibility and transparency into the entire supply chain. Improve all activities related to managing sourcing and procurement, including planning, spend management, contracting, procurement, supplier payment, and collaboration.

Infuse AI into your procurement process to:

  • Discover quality suppliers for guided sourcing based on past success and intelligent screening 
  • Optimise purchasing with real-time insights
  • Classify and pay invoices with ease with automatic document processing 

Deliver a better procurement process with SAP AI

Source to contract

Use SAP AI to enhance strategic sourcing, legal and operational contract management, and compliance.

SAP Fieldglass solutions

  • Identify your contingent workforce with intelligent résumé screening

SAP Ariba solutions

  • Optimise sourcing event creation with guided recommendations
  • Create a request for proposal (RFP) automatically
  • Gain new supplier recommendations 


  • Reduce off-contract spend with intelligent request for quotation (RFQ) recommendations 
  • Increase self-service efficiency through material recommendations without contracts 
  • Facilitate timely contract renegotiations with predictive analytics for contract consumption

Procure to receipt

Use SAP AI to optimise the process of initiating requests for purchasing goods and services, executing purchase orders, and receiving goods and services.



  • Predict delivery delays with machine learning PAI (process after input) algorithms 
  • Simplify the purchasing experience with image-based buying and natural language processing 
  • Increase self-service efficiency with intelligent approval of purchase requisitions 
  • Complete operational tasks and gain purchasing insights rapidly with a digital assistant 

Invoice to pay

Use SAP AI to optimise processing of supplier invoices, managing accounts payable, and overseeing payments to the supplier.


SAP Emarsys Customer Engagement

  • Draft supplier invoices automatically with intelligent invoice scanning 

SAP Ariba solutions

  • Classify invoices accurately with automated data enrichment services 

Supplier management and collaboration

Use SAP AI to maintain accurate and up-to-date information on suppliers through global business networks.

SAP Ariba solutions

  • Enrich supplier information accurately with automated data enrichment services 


  • Reduce free-text purchases with purchase analysis and new catalogue recommendations 

See what customers are achieving
with SAP AI

SAP Conversational AI helps us stay resilient and agile by connecting powerful chatbots with existing systems. This lets service teams focus on adding value to the business and has lightened their workload during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Robert van Uden, Senior Solution Engineer, Coöperatieve Rabobank U.A.

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