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SAP Application Interface Framework

Build and monitor smart, simple interfaces – with SAP Application Interface Framework

Develop and monitor all the application interfaces your business needs – with SAP Application Interface Framework (SAP AIF). This interface management tool provides structured guidance to help you quickly and cost-effectively create and deploy compliant interfaces. Empower business users to monitor interfaces and troubleshoot issues without IT – and customise authorisations to protect sensitive data.

Why SAP Application Interface Framework?

Because it minimises the cost and effort of application interface management – no matter how many interfaces your business needs. Integrated with your SAP software and optimised for SAP HANA, the tool makes it easy to develop and deploy reliable, user-friendly interfaces that can be monitored without IT support. With SAP AIF, you can:

  • Use a structured framework to improve interface development, deployment, and governance
  • Connect diverse applications and technologies with a single interface management solution
  • Provide business users with integrated, intuitive interface monitoring tools – no IT required
  • Take advantage of automated, role-based error alerts and handling
  • Easily correct interface errors – including mass errors – on user-friendly screens
  • Achieve cost reductions of up to 40% for interface implementation and 75% for monitoring

Learn how SAP Application Interface Framework can simplify the lives of business users and IT staff:

Functional Capabilities
  • Develop and deploy application interfaces in an SAP-centric or heterogeneous system environment
  • Use a guided framework to efficiently implement interfaces, re-use logic, and improve data accuracy
  • Monitor interfaces across technologies such as IDOC, Web services, qRFC, tRFC, files, batch input, and others
  • Empower business users to correct interface errors on user-friendly screens — without help from IT
  • Improve governance with interface transparency within an area of responsibility
  • Customise authorisations for monitoring and error handling — and enforce "need to know" business rules
Technical Capabilities

On-Premise Deployment

  • Fast interface implementation
  • Enforcement of implementation guidelines
  • Re-use of components in multiple interfaces
  • Interface versioning
  • Unification of required skills
  • Automated testing tool
  • Tool-supported interface documentation

SAP Application Interface Framework is an add-on for SAP systems based on SAP NetWeaver Basis 7.0 (from SP17).  Certain functions require SAP NetWeaver Basis 7.31.

Please see the SAP Application Interface Framework Product Availability Matrix* for the latest information on updates and releases.

Licensing and purchasing options for SAP Application Interface Framework

This product can be deployed on-premise or in the cloud. Please talk to your account executive for details. 



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For general licensing information, consult Licensing SAP Software: A Guide for Buyers

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Ensure a successful implementation and maximise your ROI with information resources that support the different phases of SAP Application Interface Framework – from planning and installation to operation.


Plan the installation

Refer to the SAP Application Interface Framework Upgrade Master Guide* for important information about installation planning.

Confirm that you have a license key

To request permanent license keys, you need authorisation under myProfile*. To extend your authorisation, please contact an SAP user administrator*.

Download the software

Visit the SAP Support Portal* to download SAP Application Interface Framework software installation package.


Complete the installation steps

Refer to Upgrade Master Guide* for a step-by-step overview of the installation process, including the required tools and associated documentation.


Manage your SAP applications

Visit the help portal to learn how to manage, maintain, and run SAP Application Framework at peak performance.

Ensure the security of the SAP AIF

Refer to section 4 in the Upgrade Master Guide* for important information on ensuring the security of SAP AIF 3.0.


Need additional help with your implementation?
Contact SAP Digital Business Services or SAP Enterprise Support services


Find an SAP partner to help with your implementation


Plan and carry out a successful upgrade to the latest release of SAP Application Interface Framework – so you can take advantage of the new features and capabilities right away.


Identify the upgrade paths

Download the Product Availability Matrix to review upgrade paths for SAP Application Interface Framework.

Download the matrix now*

Plan the upgrade

The Upgrade Master Guide contains important information about SAP Application Interface Framework 3.0 upgrade planning.

Read the guide*

Plan landscape changes

The Landscape Planner lets you visualise your existing system landscape, simulate changes, and analyse the impact.

Use the planner*

Identify dependencies

Use the Upgrade Dependency Analyser to determine if your upgrade will have an impact on your other systems.

Access the analyser*


Complete the upgrade steps

Refer to the SAP Application Interface Framework Upgrade Master Guide for an overview of the upgrade process, including a list of required tools and associated documentation.

View the guide*

Ask the community

Visit the SAP Application Interface Framework community for the latest technology news and updates. Ask questions, post comments, and discuss issues. 

Visit the community


Need additional help with your upgrade? Contact SAP Digital Business Services or SAP Enterprise Support services


Find an SAP partner to help with your upgrade


Get the support you need to keep SAP Application Interface Framework running at peak performance. Our experts can help you maximise the value of your software, take advantage of new business models and capabilities, and more.

Expert Community

Connect with SAP experts – and get the latest news and views on SAP Application Interface Framework implementations, upgrades, innovations, and best practices.


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