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SAP build partners working in a modern office

Build and innovate with SAP

Our single, comprehensive partner program enables you to harness your intellectual property and rapidly take it to market.

Why build extensions, integrations, and applications for SAP solutions?

With the SAP PartnerEdge – Build track and SAP Business Technology Platform (SAP BTP), you can help customers become intelligent enterprises. 


Rapid onboardings get you building innovations quickly using SAP BTP. Meanwhile, go-to-market services and SAP Store give your solutions exposure to more than 440,000 SAP customers, helping you tap into the strength of a global brand. 

Helping customers accelerate business outcomes with SAP BTP

Using our unified platform, Build partners help customers achieve agility and ongoing innovation.  


With SAP BTP, you can extend and integrate existing on-premise and cloud applications. This helps you deliver solutions that support connected processes and experiences, helping customers make decisions with confidence and integrity. 

Resources for successful development

Onboarding support, development resources, and enablement tools help you quickly build solutions that deliver agility, value, and innovation.

Onboarding support

Resources include development and test licenses, advisory and support services, installation and migration guides, and SAP Open Source offerings on GitHub. 

Enablement tools

Help is at hand with support and help portals, how-to guides, developer communities, the SAP Cloud Appliance Library tool, and SAP API Business Hub. 

Training resources

You can hone your skills using the openSAP platform, the SAP Enterprise Architecture Explorer site, and SAP Learning Journey guides. 


Co-innovate with SAP

Combine forces with SAP to take your idea from concept to reality. 

Marketing and delivering solutions on SAP Store

SAP Store is the place where SAP partners can market and deliver solutions, add-ins, and integration kits to SAP customers worldwide.  

Increase your reach

Extend your reach by working with the sales force at SAP to help your solution stand out and reach a broader audience. 

Harness the power of the SAP brand

Boost the confidence of your customers and encourage their investment decisions by transacting through SAP Store. 

Scale your business

Access support for multiple users, global currencies, and a two-tier procurement system with a site that’s designed to help you scale. 

Take your solution to market through the partner solution progression framework

The partner solution progression helps you quickly scale and take your solutions to market – collaborating with SAP to create additional opportunities, backed by increasing marketing and sales support from our team.


Explore all the benefits of partnership 

Our award-winning partner program can help you win more customers and revenue. 

Are you ready to become a Build partner?

You can start exploring SAP technology in the open ecosystem for free* and upgrade to the full benefits offered by SAP PartnerEdge – Build at any time. 

Start by applying for SAP PartnerEdge open ecosystem – Build

Get access to SAP Business Technology Platform and other key resources that help you develop on and integrate with SAP solutions. When you’re ready to take your innovations to market, you can transition to SAP PartnerEdge – Build. 

Upgrade to SAP PartnerEdge – Build

When you're ready to take your solution to the market, you can upgrade to SAP PartnerEdge – Build. A yearly program fee** will apply. Partner advisory and support services are available to speed up your business success.

Explore other engagement programmes

Sell solutions

You can resell, implement, and support customers in the cloud and on premise, owning the entire customer lifecycle or collaborating with other partners or SAP. 

Service solutions

SAP service partners provide strategic business consulting, system design, solution integration, and project implementation of SAP solutions. 

Run solutions

As an outsourcing or hosting partner, you can offer SAP solutions through a private or public cloud and enhance solutions with your own expertise. 

Certify solutions

You can boost customer confidence in the applications you've built to run on SAP technology with a certification from SAP Integration and Certification Center. 

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