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SAP Cloud Platform SDK for iOS


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What is the SAP Cloud Platform

SDK for iOS?


SAP Cloud Platform SDK for iOS enables companies and developers to quickly develop their own native apps, built with Swift, Apple’s modern programming language.  Along with SAP Fiori for iOS, which includes reusable design components, developers can build beautiful intuitive native applications.

Discover the SAP Cloud Platform

SDK for iOS

SAP Fiori for iOS

Based on SAP Fiori UX adapted for iOS, this includes design components, UI Elements and building blocks, UI Views, to accelerate the development of consistent, beautiful UI design across applications ensuring app adoption and user experience is intuitive, consistent and seamless.

SAP Cloud Platform SDK for iOS Assistant

The Assistant is a macOS app that rapidly generates object-oriented Swift proxy classes for OData services, eliminating exposure to low-level APIs. The Assistant also generates mobile service configuration and creates a ready to run Xcode project for iPhone/iPad.

SAP Fiori for iOS Mentor

The Mentor app on iPad helps the developer experience Fiori controls  and get started quickly allowing a preview of all of the available UI and Foundation components. Within the app you can explore and explicitly configure all possible variations and generate ready-made code snippets incorporating selected settings.


The SDK and the backend mobile services supports offline as well as online with one SDK. Object-oriented Data Service API are generated from backend service definitions. Synchronization to an encrypted mobile database is optimized to efficiently sync only changed data. The Sync engine caches for performance as well as batching and compressing bulk updates and supports conflict handling.

Push Notifications

Business events can inform users when new information becomes available through a REST API for easy integration with notification providers such as Apple Push Notification service (APNs). Notification targeting options include by device, application, user list and group. Available message types include set badge count, play sound, URI and more.

Logging & Tracing

Enables the developer to log messages to log different severity levels to several different kinds of destination, for example the iOS console, one or more files or they can be uploaded without user interaction to the SAP Cloud Platform.

Under the Hood

Fully swift-based API to accelerate enterprise app development in Apple’s Xcode IDE. The Foundation layer provides key enterprise services for security, connectivity, app services and more. Fiori UI Kit provides a native, iOS HIG-compliant implementation of the Fiori Design Language, for iOS. The UI + Logic layer provides higher level reusable app components. The Mobile Backend Services on the SAP Cloud Platform integrate with the SAP Cloud Platform SDK for iOS.

Try it now

Get free access to the SAP Cloud Platform SDK for iOS and the SAP Cloud Platform for development to explore, learn, build, test and demo your iOS Application. Choose one of the options below:

SAP Cloud Platform SDK for iOS

Get the SDK and use it to build your first iOS apps and test against the SAP Cloud Platform.

SAP Cloud Platform

Get your free trial instance. The instance uses a shared server, with a variable number of cores and provides 1GB storage.

SAP Fiori for iOS Mentor

Get the SAP Fiori for iOS Mentor on iPad from the Apple App Store.
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