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SAP TechEd News Guide

Embedded Artificial Intelligence

SAP expands enterprise AI offerings across its portfolio 

Features of SAP Conversational AI further simplify bot building

SAP introduces new features in the  SAP Conversational AI service that make it easier for customers to build and monitor chatbots to automate tasks and workflows on  SAP Business Technology Platform (SAP BTP). Updates to SAP Conversational AI include the ability to:
  • Transport bots between tenants: Bot transport updates simplify bot management across different landscapes and tenants, as well as bot migration from the community to an enterprise tenant when customers decide to go to productive usage.
  • Initialize skills with memory or language: Let customers define actions required to start a conversation with their chatbots. This skill is automatically executed at the beginning of the conversation and can be used to initialize the memory or language of the conversation. This means conversations with the bot are more convenient for users.
  • Configure the Web client: A Web client for SAP Conversational AI now has more flexibility and an adaptative, responsive design. While configuring the Web client channel, customers can define a custom cascading style sheet (CSS) or provide a link to a stylesheet to fine-tune the look and feel of the web client.


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SAP AI Core, SAP AI Launchpad go GA for partners and customers

SAP announces general availability of the SAP AI Core and SAP AI Launchpad, are now available through CPEA (Cloud Platform Enterprise Agreement) for partners and customers on SAP Business Technology Platform.


SAP AI Launchpad is the central vehicle for teams to manage operations and the lifecycle of AI content across all landscapes and deployment options. SAP AI Core provides AI applications and services with an engine for AI runtime capabilities, accelerating the development and productization of AI functions by providing ready integration into SAP solutions. SAP AI Core is built around state-of-the-art open-source solutions such as Argo Workflows and KFServing and provides integration with SAP solutions.



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New recommendation service indexes user behavior to deliver hyperpersonalized experiences

SAP plans to roll out Personalized Recommendation service, a novel neural network-based recommendation engine that draws insights from historical user behavior and item metadata to deliver highly personalized recommendations across a wide range of business scenarios. The service is planned to be available on SAP BTP and to include:

  • A cold-start solution that provides recommendations for new items or new users
  • Recommendation explanations that provide insights into which item attribute or past interaction influenced each recommendation
  • The ability for merchants or learning administrators to boost a category, brand, or promotion based on domain knowledge or user affinities

Personalized Recommendation service can apply to multiple scenarios, including e-commerce, in-store retail, e-learning, career paths, and user engagement. Customers can use the service to surface related content and products, boost item visibility, improve category navigation, publicize promotions, drive traffic to product pages — and ultimately convert sales and retain customers. It has already been integrated into SAP Community and other networks.


SAP AI Business Services are available as a subscription on the SAP Store, as part of the Pay-As-You-Go for SAP BTP agreement, and through CPEA.



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Brilliant Hire by SAP uses AI to simplify the recruiting processes, enhance the candidate experience

SAP makes it easier for customers of SAP SuccessFactors solutions to use Brilliant Hire by SAP to optimize their candidate experience. Customers can now deploy Brilliant Hire’s smart job matching technology directly in SAP SuccessFactors Recruiting with the flip of a switch, minimizing integration costs and time.


Smart job matching uses artificial intelligence to deliver a personalized list of best-matched roles for job candidates based on their professional background and skills. This helps companies increase their visitor-to-applicant ratio and provides valuable insights on where candidates are dropping off, as well as the types of positions job seekers are searching for. In a recent user survey, 92% of candidates said smart job matching improved their overall job-search experience.


Learn more about the Brilliant Hire solution by SAP in career site builder.



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Additional AI use cases

  • The SAP S/4HANA Cloud solution for intelligent intercompany reconciliation: Customers of SAP S/4HANA can use SAP S/4HANA Cloud for intelligent intercompany reconciliation whether they are a cloud or on-premise customer. The solution uses AI to help finance and accounting customers automate intercompany document matching. This reduces the cost of finance tasks and accelerates the month-end closing process while helping customers avoid compliance risks.
  • AI-enabled learning recommender: SAP Litmos solutions now deliver highly personalized learning content recommendations. Currently in beta testing with several pilot customers, the AI-based learning recommender uses the SAP AI Core infrastructure and is scheduled for general availability by the end of 2021.
  • Workflow intelligence: The SAP Workflow Management service now uses AI and machine learning to recommend actions based on historical data or completed workflows, reducing decision-making time and increasing productivity. For example, if a manager receives an approval request, workflow intelligence can recommend an action based on learnings from historical requests. This innovation is available to customers regardless of their level of development expertise. Customers can configure cognitive repetitive approvals without writing any code, using the workflow intelligence capability in SAP Workflow Management. It takes just four steps and no data science experience to configure, train, and activate a workflow intelligence scenario.
  • Digital assistant for SAP SuccessFactors solutions: A digital assistant for SAP SuccessFactors solutions is available for select early adopter customers through the SAP Early Adopter Care program. The AI-enabled digital assistant dramatically improves work efficiency and enables employee self-service. It delivers an intuitive user experience through a conversational interface based on natural language processing. It supports efficient interactions with SAP SuccessFactors solutions, including SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central, SAP SuccessFactors Performance & Goals, SAP SuccessFactors Learning, SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central Payroll, SAP SuccessFactors Talent Management, SAP SuccessFactors Time Tracking, and other solutions.

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