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Customer Snapshot: Overview

30% increase in online orders in one year

Since 1937, Butcher & Packer has been in the business of meat processing supplies. In that time, much has changed, including consumer tastes for a more complex flavor palette and less red meat. With advances in refrigeration and transportation, there was less of a need for local businesses to supply ingredients, and many dropped out of the race. Butcher & Packer is the last company standing in the Detroit area, and its President attributes much of that success to staying ahead of the curve with technology. When they realized how much they could gain in time and efficiency by automating many of their processes, the company moved full-steam ahead and incorporated SAP Business One to help them Run Simple.

Butcher & Packer Supply Company

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Implementation Partners
Aether Consulting

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Madison Heights, MI, USA

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SAP Solutions
SAP Business One

The goal: Less time processing data… more time helping customers process meat

Customer Snapshot: History

A Family Recipe for Success

Butcher & Packer Supply Company has been serving the food processing industry since 1937. They take great pride in the fact that Butcher & Packer has been family owned and operated for over sixty years.

Customer Snapshot: Business Model

The Art of Meat Processing is Going Strong

Butcher & Packer has been supplying both the food industry and home cooks with the best equipment, supplies, and ingredients for sausage making and meat processing since the 1930s. Its catalog runs the gamut from professional-grade knives and meat grinders to sausage-making kits and how-to books. In all, the company offers thousands of different products.

Customer Snapshot: Success Strategy

Serving the Industry and Generations of Home Cooks

Today, about 70% of Butcher & Packer's more than $5 million in annual revenue comes from industrial sales. About 30% is retail, from walk-in customers, catalog or Internet sales. In addition to industrial supplies, the store sells do-it-yourself brining or sausage kits, and also blends custom spices for industrial or personal use in meat processing.

Being the third generation doing this business, I grew up in it, and I expanded outside Detroit to other places in the United States. I basically kept up with technology and kept on moving forward. —Fritz Blohm, President, Butcher & Packer Supply Company

The Challenge

Curing an Overworked System

With manual data entry putting a drain on the small company’s time and personnel, Butcher & Packer was looking to automate as many processes as possible to cut time and produce more reliable data. With automated processes, the company would be free to expand and grow their business exponentially without the need for additional personnel.

Butcher & Packer were looking for better inventory tracking, compliance and security for credit card authorizations and processing. They also needed the ability to process orders and notifications through the e-commerce site with real-time notifications to customers and inventory management.

Enter SAP

Building a More Streamlined Future

Back in 1990, Butcher and Packer managed their accounting using a Unix-based business software called SCO, Santa Cruz Operating System. With that system becoming obsolete, it was important to find an alternative platform which could serve the business into the future. It was also critical to find a solution that would integrate well with the blending software being used in seasoning manufacturing operations, as well as the ecommerce platform that supported the company’s online sales.

Finding SAP Business One a good fit for their distribution business, Butcher & Packer brought in a reseller partner, Aether Consulting,for their expertise with SAP Business One, and approach to integrations.

Better Business

Removing Bottlenecks & Streamlining Processes

Since implementing SAP Business One, Butcher & Packer has seen sales increase 30%, but they haven't had to add additional staff to manage the volume.

Bottlenecks and throughput issues have gone away. There is nothing stopping us from getting things done. — Fritz Blohm, President, Butcher & Packer

Better Business: Benefits

Handling the Busy Season without Extra Hands

Since implementing SAP, Butcher & Packer can better handle the ebb and flow of seasonal business. Where manual data entry used to consume 80 staff hours per week, it now takes about 8 hours and the data is more reliable, too.

Better Business: Run Simple

Filling More Orders in Less Time Than Ever

The Butcher & Packer warehouse is packed with more than 6,000 items that can now be managed and inventoried with a series of clicks. It’s easier for employees to assemble the various blends and kits, with prebuilt bills of materials. Streamlined shipping processes have allowed Butcher & Packer to double the number of its shipping stations – getting product out to customers faster than ever before.

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