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Customer Snapshot: Overview

110 Million pieces a year, shipped to 40 different countries

Tommy Hilfiger delivers superior styling, quality and value to consumers. In Europe, Tommy recently put its entire Look-Book, featuring upcoming collections, on the iPad. The company uses Afaria to protect the Look Book data on hundreds of mobile devices.

Tommy Hilfiger

US$4.6 billion

Line of Business
Sales, Supply Chain

SAP Solutions
SAP Afaria, SAP Apparel and Footwear, SAP Supply Chain Management (SAP SCM)


Customer Website


Customer Snapshot: History

Customer Snapshot: Business Model

A Popular Designer Name All Over the World

Tommy Hilfiger has a distribution network in over 90 countries and more than 1,000 retail stores—selling directly through their websites and retail stores.

Customer Snapshot: Success Strategy

Quality Clothing at Affordable Prices

Tommy Hilfiger continues to simplify processes and offer customers premium, quality clothing and accessories at reasonable prices. The brand intends to maintain strong revenue growth and stay competitive, plus emerge into new markets such as China and Brazil.

The Challenge

Bringing the Retailers Closer

Tommy Hilfiger wanted to become closer to their retailers and hoped to do so by providing their sales teams with a mobile app that puts the entire new design line in their hands with an iPad. With exquisite photos of each piece, the retailer can see the upcoming pieces in better detail, then place their order and handle all the details.
Meanwhile, Tommy wants to use this real-time ordering power and mobile technology to work closely with their suppliers, and keep their proprietary designs safe.

Enter SAP

Supporting Massive Growth

Tommy Hilfiger relies on SAP to manage sales orders, purchase orders, invoices, financial and HR information...everything that the company needs to run.
Previously, the company ran sales activities on multiple mobile devices. They recently implemented SAP Afaria Mobile Device Management with a goal to combine the product catalog and the ordering application into one iPad solution—minimizing the hardware devices to the one iPad that a Tommy Hilfiger sales rep already uses. The sales reps can now present their products with an iPad or in
a showroom.

Enter SAP: The SAP Experience

Taking the Fear Out of Mobility

Tommy Hilfiger has had great success and growth with SAP ERP and Apparel and footwear as their core processes. They needed to better engage with suppliers – anytime, anywhere and looked to increase access using SAP Afaria to enable this mobile strategy. Security is key for them so collections are not stolen and SAP Afaria Mobile Device management gave them the security they required while allowing them to extend critical processes to the field sales and service staff.

Security is key for us…as people work with the new collections for the next, they cannot be stolen. With SAP Afaria product we are able to wipe mobile devices within 20 30 seconds so if someone tell us it has been stolen we wipe it and no harm can be done.

Better Business: Benefits


Showcasing Anytime, Anywhere

SAP Afaria has changed the way Tommy Hilfiger operates by allowing them to showcase the quality and detail of their collection anytime and anywhere with the app, and they now have a better connection with their suppliers.

One of the most important aspects of SAP is its ability to…help us put a huge amount of orders smoothly through our systems and out the door. We source about 110 million pieces of product a year from over 40 different suppliers and 40 different countries.

It allows us to have beautiful imagery of the new collections available at the touch of a finger on the screen right in front of your retailer wherever you are…

Better Business: Run Simple

Supporting Global Expansion and Continuous Fashion Trends

SAP not only supports Tommy Hilfiger in purchasing and distribution of over 110 million pieces of product in over 40 countries, but is also the backbone of their business for future growth into emerging markets.
Recent advancements like secure mobility with SAP Afaria support Tommy Hilfiger’s
continued success.

Journey Ahead


Making Their Universe Mobile

Tommy Hilfiger’s future plans include making all of their key business processes accessible via mobile devices.

The next step into mobility will be linking the sales order with the mobile ordering system which should seamlessly integrate with our ERP backbone.

Consumer demand is rapidly emerging new markets that are important to global growth. SAP gives Tommy Hilfiger the backbone to enable this expansion.
SAP in the past has supported us for the growth we have today and will support us even more for the growth we’re going to have in the future…
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