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Customer Snapshot: Overview

1/100th the cost of traveling by car

San Francisco bustles with commuters on the move—and stuck in bumper to bumper traffic. Starting in the Bay Area, EcoReco developed a portable, eco-friendly scooter to make commuting easier, more efficient, and more fun. Their product was exactly what commuters were looking for, and the company took off quickly. 

EcoReco Corporation

US$1.45 million

Number of Employees


Visionary Themes

Run Simple, Run Live, Clean Planet & Climate Change


Campbell, California, USA

Customer Website

Line of Business
Commerce, Manufacturing, Marketing, Sales, Service, Supply Chain, Sustainability

SAP Solutions
SAP Anywhere

In the beginning, this startup was managed using Gmail, PowerPoint, Excel, and a rainbow of sticky notes. It didn’t take long for Rob Dawson, the company’s business manager, to see that EcoReco’s growth plan was unsustainable without connected processes. To manage orders, customer service inquiries, social media, marketing, and expansion plans, they needed one centralized snapshot. The SAP Anywhere cloud-based solution was able to streamline processes, with on demand usability wherever and whenever needed.

Customer Snapshot: Business Model

An Urban Last-Mile Solution

Powered by a safe and eco-friendly rechargeable Lithium Iron Phosphate battery, the EcoReco scooter emits no air pollution or greenhouse gases during operation. The company’s prime motivation is to decrease the environmental footprint of Bay Area commuters while also bringing a little bit of fun and ease to their daily rides. Riders are encouraged to use the EcoReco scooter as a primary vehicle to get from point A to point B or to bring it along on their mass transit commute and let their scooter take them the last mile in a fun, efficient way.

EcoReco Scooters travel 500+ miles per $1 

10-20 miles per charge

We want to be in every major city in the US. – Rob Dawson, Business Manager, EcoReco

Customer Snapshot: Success Strategy

Making Inspired Decisions

EcoReco is dedicated to creating eco-friendly alternatives to today’s energy-depleting, environment-threatening norms. In the truest form of efficiency, the company isn’t out to reinvent the wheel... or the scooter... from scratch. Their efforts are in further innovation and development of the brightest ideas from around the world to bring their products to market with practicality and affordability.

The average American commuter spends ~42 hours / year in traffic

The Challenge

A System as Portable and Efficient as Their Products

EcoReco scooters are a true go-anywhere solution to an age-old transportation problem, but the company’s systems and applications were either stuck on a desktop in an office or available in disconnected data streams. With an accelerated growth rate and plans for expansion, the company needed a unified, affordable, and portable solution that could make employees as mobile as their scooters.

Enter SAP

Creating a More Efficient Path

EcoReco has a small staff, many of whom wear many different hats to help ensure the success of the company. Due to the lack of resources that many startups face, the company sought a single, affordable solution that could handle customer service, accounting, inventory management, and production in one centralized system. They were happy to discover SAP Anywhere, which was created, in essence, to help level the playing field for small businesses entering the global marketplace.

Every moment saved is really valuable when trying to do ten different jobs at once. – Rob Dawson, Business Manager, EcoReco

Enter SAP: The SAP Experience

Riding on a Cloud

SAP Anywhere offered streamlined customer service functionality and mobile functionality for offline transaction information when and where they need it. As a result, EcoReco’s small, dedicated staff is free to spread the word about the product and continue to improve their offerings.

I would put in cases at 2 a.m. because that’s just when I’m working and I’ll get a response in ten minutes from somebody who knows the product. They’re an internal SAP support resource that’s not being outsourced to anywhere else. I’m never told to go and look at the documentation. It’s always just right there in front of me. – Rob Dawson, Business Manager, EcoReco

Better Business

Less Desk-Time, More Time to Attract New Customers

Implementing SAP Anywhere has enabled EcoReco to operate more efficiently overall, with better oversight into all customer-related business processes. The disconnected systems between emails, spreadsheets, and inventory count have been streamlined into a single source of data for quick reference and easier closing of the books each month. Customer query resolution time is down, helping to create a more loyal, satisfied customer base.

If I’m traveling or I’m not in the office or I’m not next to my computer and I get a text message from our operations manager, I have the ability on my phone to just pull that order up and go take a look at everything and make sure that I’m not sitting on any important information. It makes managing much easier to have the ability to do that without having to be in front of my laptop or my desktop. – Rob Dawson, Business Manager, EcoReco

Better Business: Benefits

One Source of Information

Customers often turn to social media with questions about product specifications and customer service requests. The small team had to manually check their social media channels proactively to stay on top of comments. SAP Anywhere helps consolidate social media feedback into one place allowing customer service to respond to the social chatter easily and quickly, regardless of the channel.

If I’m on Facebook responding to customer comments, I’m not out there onboarding with dealers. I’m not out there actually doing the business development that needs to happen for me to create value for the company. – Rob Dawson, Business Manager, EcoReco

Better Business: Run Simple

Letting the Product Speak for Itself

Commuters spend a lot of time sitting in traffic, looking around and watching the world go by. It turns out, looking out the window or trudging up a hill and seeing an EcoReco scoot past you is one of the company’s best sales tools. The online store powered by SAP Anywhere allows smartphone users to instantly check out the scooter online and get the information they need about it.

In addition, since 50-70% of the company’s new business comes from referrals, the company can now give back to their best evangelists with referral-based discounts. With SAP Anywhere, the company can create a sales promotion tied to a unique coupon code for a referral. The coupon-holder can pass along the discount and in return earn a store credit to their own account on the SAP Anywhere web store.

Journey Ahead

Full Speed Ahead

The scooter’s top speed is set at 20mph, but it seems there is no limit set for the growth of EcoReco and the scooters they produce. With their new scalable system in place, there’s time and room for the company to expand their presence wherever it’s needed from big cities to small towns and even in locker rooms and on the playing field.

On the sports scene for example, the Pittsburgh Pirates have adopted the scooters for their entire baseball team to help navigate the long, uneventful rides through and around the stadium for home games and even bring them to away games so they can explore other cities. The scooters even fit inside their lockers! This outside-the-box solution is sure to inspire more creative adoptions of a technology that promises fun, function, and conservation all in one place.

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