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SAP Cloud Trust Center

A shield in a cloud representing trust for SAP cloud software

Security, privacy, and compliance in the cloud – we keep your data safe

Your business is built on trust, and you expect the same from your software provider. As a leading software provider and a cloud company, we’re dedicated to building – and keeping – our customers’ trust.
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Cloud Service Status

Discover the uptime and availability of SAP‘s cloud services with access to real-time insights.


Rest assured that your data is protected with a cloud security foundation based on the highest quality standards.

Data Center

Visit our data centers and see state-of-the-art technologies and rigorous security methodologies.

Data Protection and Privacy

Find out how SAP respects and protects the rights of individuals.


Know that our cloud offerings meet the latest compliance and security standards worldwide.


Decode SAP cloud agreements and processing.

See how SAP is setting the standard for security and compliance in the cloud

Frequently Asked Questions

Security Community and Events

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SAP GDPR Bootcamp

Foster a data protection culture, leverage compliance requirements to enhance business processes, and get prepared for the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) deadline. Join our April events in Copenhagen and Chicago.

SAP Insider Cybersecurity for Customers

Join our experts in Prague 6/27-29 to learn how the SAP Cloud Trust Center helps you to overcome your security concerns when moving your business into the cloud.

ASUG Webcast Series

Listen to one or more of the ASUG webcast series on GDPR, Data Privacy and Cybersecurity. Learn why it is all about data protection and get tips for unlocking and extracting the hidden value with compliance driven transformation.

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