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Lucia Hubbs

Global HR Data Management Delivery Lead

Lucia's story

At SAP, we build breakthroughs, together.


What I value the most is that at SAP there has always been a sense of camaraderie – doing it together, overcoming challenges and genuinely caring for each other. This creates an incredibly fertile ground for learning and development.

Lucia Hubbs

The only experience I had before joining SAP was working at a fish market, cleaning car windows at a petrol station and working hard on becoming the world’s worst waitress during my early studies. The corporate environment was a new world for me. October 2011 marked my start at SAP but also the beginning of a very busy period of my life - working and studying full time. At that time, this was the only way to support my Masters studies. Since not many employers were willing to accommodate such a tight schedule, I was filled with immense gratitude for the opportunity and flexible environment my manager was willing to create for me. I was determined to give back and hopeful to prove myself in the role.

Fast forward 10 years later and I am still at SAP! Today, I am honored to lead a global organization of 140 amazing people who look after the people data of the entire company and inspire me every day to work even harder. We are part of almost every core HR process and our work is essential to deliver people data on time and with 100 % quality. Thanks to our work, SAP employees are paid what they rightfully deserve, and the company receives information for important decisions. On a day-to-day basis, you’ll find us in operations serving our customers, implementing new technologies, collaborating across teams on various business projects or designing processes, tools, and data structures.

Although I did not expect to carve out a career in HR, let alone become a people leader, here I am. So, what happened in between and what made me stay? Something that SAP offers to everyone - limitless opportunities. Many exciting projects, stretch assignments, support and guidance, feedback, recognition, coaching, mentoring, and finally, fun plus good old hard work with incredibly smart and talented people.

I started in the team which is the first point of contact for all SAP employees regarding HR related matters. Having no background in HR working in this team allowed me to get familiar with the entire portfolio of HR services we deliver to employees worldwide. The great thing about this companyis that information is at your fingertips. The more you search or reach out, the more you learn. Within a short period of time, you can get a good understanding of our organization, strategy, various functions, and hot topics. Within my first two years I worked on various technical projects, implementation of new systems or system upgrades. As a trainer of the CRM, I delivered hundreds of sessions and met many wonderful people joining us in our location. As part of a rotational program, I was given an opportunity to relocate to SAP headquarters in Germany for 6 months where I worked on development programs, pitched ideas to executives and by a lucky coincidence even ended up job shadowing a Board Member for a day! Exciting experiences kept happening and I don’t remember ever being bored here.

In my fifth year I became a people manager and once again I was entrusted with a role where I had so much to learn. I found myself in the Global HR Data Management Team whose work I only knew from an outsiders’ perspective but always admired. My team was directly responsible for the Asia and Pacific region and big changes were ahead of us. We went through re-organizations, transfers of services to Prague and implementation of a completely new system which required the re-engineering of everything we do. Working together on all of this with my team while learning about each other’s diverse cultural backgrounds and perspectives made these five years incredibly enriching part of my career.

What I value the most is that at SAP there has always been a sense of camaraderie – doing it together, overcoming challenges and genuinely caring for each other. This creates an incredibly fertile ground for learning and development. I was lucky to work on projects which influenced the future of our organization with people of diverse backgrounds who are top experts in their field. Last but not least, thanks to incredible support of my managers and my team, I was able to successfully complete my Master studies in business economics!

A decade is a long time to commit to a company but the timeI have spent here has been (and continues to be) truly transformational. I have grown as a coworker, as a professional, as a leader, and as an individual thanks to investment that so many have made in me. And on top of all that, I’ve met people who will stay my friends for life.

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