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Tim Gerlach

Software Developer, Heidelberg, Germany

Tim's Story

At SAP, we believe that when you bring everything you are, you can become everything you want.

Tim Gerlach
Software Developer SAP SE , Walldorf

Change how things are done around the world.

"As a developer, you can change how things are done around the world," says Tim Gerlach, a software developer with SAP SE in Heidelberg, Germany. Tim says that he is impressed with the opportunities available at SAP and says new staff members, even those still in the process of completing their formal education, can expect great support from their managers and fellow team members. “Even as a student, you’re treated like a full-time, permanent employee. All your teammates want to hear your ideas and listen to them."

Tim joined SAP while attending the University of Applied Sciences in pursuit of his bachelor’s and master’s degrees, before becoming a permanent team member, so he knows first-hand how SAP nurtures the growth of its team members. "I applied as a working student. It allowed me to combine studies with real world customer needs," Tim says.

His introduction to, and interest in joining SAP came from being employed by a division of a consultant company to become an industrial salesman. While he was there, the company introduced a major SAP installation across many of its business units, including where Tim was working. "I saw what is possible with software. Multiple tasks were handled much better with SAP, with better integrated software. It really became a passion to me," he says.

From that experience, he switched his pursuit of a career as a salesman for one in software development, and SAP helped to achieve his goal by supporting his thesis project, creating a proper solution for a real-world problem: Working with SAP Enterprise to improve threat detection. "There are certain threats that one wants to detect as soon as they appear. I looked into how to analyze logs while they’re streamed," Tim says. "I was working on new ways to detect threats without actually knowing the attack pattern. There are a lot of threats where you don’t know the attack pattern at first. I experienced a lot of support from my manager, and the product owner on my team. We had weekly meetings talking about the project and got a chance to work closely together. SAP  appreciates what students are doing and what they can do," Tim says.

"SAP is a very modern software company with very modern setups. SAP cares about all its employees."  Most importantly, Tim says, "Every day and every task at SAP is a new, exciting task, and by that, you’re improving yourself. And that makes every day exciting."

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