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The future is here! Now is the time to Thrive with SAP Commerce Cloud.

If you are on-prem, there will be NO MORE innovations, new features, or new capabilities. Contact your account team to learn about special incentives for moving to SAP Commerce Cloud now.

Don’t get left behind. Transition to a state-of-the-art platform and thrive with SAP Commerce Cloud.

Now is the time to ensure your digital commerce business is resilient. Only SAP Commerce Cloud customers will be able to leverage our latest innovations to take advantage of new growth opportunities.

Watch the on-demand webcast to learn more.

Why make the move?

See how leading organizations are already benefitting from the move to SAP Commerce Cloud. 


faster to deploy new online functionality

Aryzta migrated to SAP Commerce Cloud in 6 weeks, building a digital foundation for e-Commerce innovation and business growth.


return on investment

According to the the Forrester Consulting Total Economic Impact study of actual customers, this is the ROI a composite organization can expect to realize when investing in SAP Commerce Cloud and SAP Customer Data Cloud. 


days to migrate to SAP Commerce Cloud

DKSH, a leading market expansion service provider is now able to launch a new e-commerce presence for additional brands within 8 weeks.

Experience the value of SAP Commerce Cloud

Accelerate your delivery

Accelerate your time to market with an extensive set of automation features leading to drastic increases in operational efficiency.

Automated Infrastructure

Cloud-native technologies like Docker containers enable systems to be provisioned and deployed in minutes instead of hours or days. 

Self-service Tools

Customer administrators have the control to build and deploy systems, take snapshots or restore systems, configure their own VPN connections, manage certificates and much more, all via the Cloud Portal.

Automated Build Platform

Trigger builds of your commerce application either from the Cloud Portal or via API.

Pre-Built SAP Integrations

Benefit from existing end-to-end integrations with SAP solutions such as SAP S/4HANA and SAP Customer Activity Repository (CAR) all running on SAP’s BTP Integration Suite.

Simplify your project

Decrease the effort required to maintain your commerce application and ensure reliability.

Automated Scaling & 99.95% Uptime

Automated infrastructure scaling is included with your subscription. This enables you to meet fluctuating demand - due to seasonal or promotional traffic increases - without incurring unexpected infrastructure costs.

Disaster Recovery

SAP’s robust Disaster Recovery Service Plan ensures that any prolonged service interruption is resolved as quickly and safely as possible.

Continuous Upgrades

Regular upgrades of your commerce application are included as part of your subscription.

Headless Storefront

Simplify the delivery of new storefront features using the Spartacus headless storefront included with your subscription.  No additional fees are required to use or host Spartacus.

Innovate for your future

Drive your commerce application to a more SaaS-like solution by leveraging Commerce Cloud’s  advanced platform features.

Dynatrace Application Performance Monitoring

Seamlessly bring together infrastructure, application performance, and digital experience monitoring into an all-in-one, automated solution that's powered by AI and included with your subscription.

Extend the commerce core application with Kyma Runtime

Reduce the costs and maintenance requirements of your commerce application by leveraging business services to build solutions that solve your specific line of business and industry needs.

Global Availability

Grow internationally and control your costs by deploying your Commerce Cloud application in any of our global data centers, including China.

Intelligent Selling Services

Drive higher conversion rates and deeper customer engagement experiences most relevant for your customers, and promote what’s valuable for your business through real-time, intelligent personalization, product recommendations, and merchandising. 

Zero Downtime Deployments

Keep your storefront up and taking orders even while deploying new features by leveraging zero downtime deployments.  Gain further confidence when deploying a new version with Blue/Green Deployments*.

*Currently on the SAP Commerce Cloud Roadmap

Get Started

Three simple steps to start your transformation with SAP Customer Experience Services

Transformation Analysis

Our Customer Success Services team conducts a business, migration, and upgrade analysis of your existing e-Commerce solution to identify challenges and recommend the best cloud migration approach.

Transformation Project

We migrate your e-Commerce project to the cloud on the latest solution version and transform your custom code and data based upon the output of the analysis. Our expert delivery manager conducts regression testing and custom code modifications.

Continuous Updates

We also offer upgrade support on an ongoing basis. Our team works with you on updating and maintaining your software.

Ready to take the next step?

Contact us to learn more about using the Thrive with SAP Commerce Cloud program to reinvent, simplify, and strengthen your e-commerce business.

Learn how you can thrive with SAP Commerce Cloud

Moving to our cloud-native enterprise e-commerce platform is essential for the future of your e-commerce business. Register now for a one-hour webcast to learn:

  • Why the time is now to move to SAP Commerce Cloud
  • What benefits other SAP customers have already seen when moving their e-commerce business to the cloud
  • About our special incentives for customers moving to SAP Commerce Cloud in 2022 

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