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Understand the value proposition of SAP BTP, Kyma runtime by example

SAP Business Technology Platform offers hundred of business services coupled with several runtime environments, namely SAP Cloud Foundry, ABAP Steampunk, and SAP BTP, Kyma runtime.There are many business services which can be used across multiple runtimes and others that may be tied to a specific runtime environment at a time. The ability to have a service that can be consumed across several runtimes is called service cross-consumption. Despite having hundreds of available services on SAP BTP, there is still need to develop custom services that are dedicated to very specific business needs. This is where SAP BTP, Kyma runtime comes to the rescue.Broadly speaking SAP BTP, Kyma runtime is SAP managed Kubernetes offering featuring unrestricted access to a Kubernetes cluster with the worker nodes deployed on the infrastructure and in the region of your choice (AWS/EKS, Azure/AKS, GCP). Download the Document

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