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Calculation View Modeling in Business Application Studio Update

Calculation Views serve as a foundation for various data analyses, e.g., in analytic scenarios. Data preparation/enrichment steps that are executed during query processing can be define within a graphical user interface. In addition, Calculation Views offer various HANA-specific optimization techniques which make them the tool of choice in performance critical scenarios. By bringing together in a graphical user interface database performance expertise with expertise about data structures and processing they offer an unified way to prepare data on the fly for consumption by various tools such as SAP Analytics Cloud.This session highlights some key features of Calculation Views and explains how Calculation Views fit into SAP HANA Cloud development concepts, e.g. the HANA Deployment Infrastructure (HDI). The demo of this session will be done in SAP Business Application Studio but the concepts can also be applied in environments that make use of SAP Web IDE for SAP HANA. Download the Document

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