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Public Sector: The Imperative for Procurement Digital Transformation

Government procurement accounts for a substantial proportion of the global economy. As stewards of taxpayer funds, public sector organizations strive to operate within stringent regulations and requirements, while maintaining the transparency needed to stand up to public scrutiny and ensure public trust. This pressure to perform is driving public sector organizations to find ways to improve effectiveness, efficiency, and equity for citizens. Procurement is at the center of this revolution, and armed with real-time data insights, the procurement function can better anticipate problems, understand their root causes, look for viable solutions, and act quickly. Recent disruptions have illustrated just how unprepared and vulnerable many organizations, both in the private and public sectors, are – and how digitalization should be even more of a priority to realize the best overall outcome. To understand Procurement’s readiness to support their organizations, SAP collaborated with Oxford Economics on research into procurement digital transformation and supplier collaboration. Download the Document

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