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Automotive: The Imperative for Procurement Digital Transformation

The automotive industry is undergoing profound change. Technology innovation in electric, connected, and autonomous vehicles are creating new opportunities for existing players and new market entrants. Given growing concerns of climate change, governments and customers are demanding more environmentally-friendly vehicles. Sustainability has become a strategic priority for automotive companies. The pandemic put additional strain on the industry and underscored the need for companies to develop more agile and resilient supply chains, diversify their supplier base, and better collaborate with suppliers. More and more, Procurement is leading their organizations to attain key sustainability goals. Indeed, 86% of automotive executives say the procurement function helps their organization improve sustainability credentials. Yet, this requires visibility and tracking deep into the supply base and with external partners – visibility that many companies do not have. To understand Procurement’s readiness to support their organizations, SAP collaborated with Oxford Economics on research into procurement digital transformation and supplier collaboration. Download the Document

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