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The Journey to External
Workforce Management Excellence

Whether you are kick-starting an
external workforce management program
or looking to mature your existing program,
your journey begins here.

Let’s take this journey together.

Businesses are increasingly turning to the external workforce – nonemployees and contract labor – for specialized talent, sought-after skills, and on-demand capacity.

Yet persistent undermanagement of these workers is rampant – and comes at a huge cost and risk to businesses.

So how do you get started? Or how do you increase the strategic value and ROI of your existing program?

We’ve broken it down for you into three road trips, or itineraries. Each itinerary is designed to further your journey to external workforce management excellence. You can take one path, or all three—it’s up to you.

Choose your path and let’s get started.

Start your engines:

Why you need external workforce management now

How well is your business managing its external workforce today? Do you have room to improve? Read the data and insights gleaned from our exclusive SAP Fieldglass research, find out how to tame the “Wild West” of external workforce management, and assess the maturity of your current program.
Today's Workforce Isn't What It Used to Be — It's So Much More
Taming the Wild West of External Workforce Spending
External Workforce Management Maturity: An Assessment Tool

Map your strategy:

How you can drive business success with the right VMS and strategy

Getting the most value from your external workforce means achieving strategic business wins like controlled costs, tighter security and compliance, and better quality of work. But how do you formulate a strategy for success and what do you need to consider when choosing the right VMS for your business? Read on.
Jump Start Your External Workforce Management Strategy
Eight Common Pitfalls When Selecting a VMS
Find the Right Solution for You: An Assessment and Recommendation Tool

Determine your destiny:

How you can build a strong business case

You recognize the business imperative to form a holistic external workforce management strategy. But how do you convince all your stakeholders? Find out how you can build a solid business case for the right VMS, estimate the ROI of the program, and then successfully integrate and run the program with joint stakeholder collaboration.
See How Your Business Will Benefit: An ROI Prediction Tool
Improving the Return on Your External Workforce
How to Select and Integrate a VMS and Establish a Program Management Office