Transitioning to innovative service models can achieve:


Rise in service profitability1


Improvement in efficiency with more precise planning timeframes2


Reduction in the cost of
equipment maintenance3

3 ways to accelerate servitization through service management excellence:


Drive service model innovation:

Grow revenue
by delivering innovative service offerings and products-as-a-service through outcome-based contracts, including performance measures and service-level agreements (SLAs)

Connect insights
and share data and content to create a digital thread in which partners can collaborate and exchange information across the business network

Deliver an immersive customer experience
that includes omnichannel engagement and collaboration to build, nurture, and sustain the customer relationship over time


Take service delivery to new levels:

Optimize field service management
by using intelligent technologies to prioritize customer engagements, improve resource utilization, reduce travel times, and accelerate service response

Empower field technicians
with mobile work tools that put intelligence and information at their fingertips, automate tasks, and improve safety and their work environment

Integrate services across the supply chain
to optimize spare parts and expand the talent pool through innovative crowdsourcing and collaborative work management


Reimagine equipment management:

Boost equipment performance
and extend asset life by shifting to a proactive service approach using technology-enabled intelligence direct from the equipment

Move to predictive service
by continuously monitoring equipment health and performance with IoT technology and using AI and advanced analytics for future prediction

Create new equipment performance services
by combining IoT health data with a customer’s service and configuration history and performance data to drive continuous improvement

Reap the benefits
of servitization:

New sources of revenue and growth
More sustainable operations
Higher customer satisfaction and loyalty

Get a clear roadmap toward service
management excellence

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1-3: SAP customer performance benchmarking