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Boost Revenue

What you can do

  • Accelerate time to value for your digital properties by easily designing seamless customer onboarding experiences at scale
  • Strengthen loyalty by basing your customer engagement strategy on zero-party, first-party, and other permission-based data
  • Deliver relevant engagements consistently using progressive profiling to understand customers’ evolving likes and preferences
The business impact

“Tailoring customer conversations by keeping up with and addressing buyer needs also allows firms to enjoy 48% greater YoY growth in annual revenue.”

Aberdeen Strategy & Research1


Turn Compliance into a Competitive Advantage

What you can do

  • Address regional data-privacy regulations by managing all versions of customer consent in a centralized platform
  • Earn trust by giving customers control of their personal data and communication preferences
  • Stay prepared by keeping consent records audit-ready and updated
Don’t take our word for it:

Data privacy, data governance, and risk concerns have steadily increased, resulting in heightened focus on… consent management and customer identity applications.”



Enhance Cybersecurity

What you can do

  • Choose from diverse passwordless authentication journeys to protect against digital identity risks
  • Constantly monitor for malicious activities with high-precision detection of account takeover attacks
  • Seamlessly adapt the customer experience with AI-driven, risk-based authentication
What do analysts say?

“Integrating solutions for identity and privacy… can also have the added benefit of helping to address cybersecurity risks related to digital identities (e.g., credential stuffing, account takeovers, fraud).”

Aberdeen Strategy & Research3


Scale Across the Globe

What you can do

  • Speed time to market with a solution that has a large geographical footprint, including multiple data centers around the globe
  • Decouple your identity and consent strategy and allow all your applications to scale with no limit
  • Minimize customer onboarding friction by processing and responding in milliseconds with technology built for enterprise scalability
Check out this customer use case:


“FranklinCovey adheres to global and regional data regulations as well as the varied privacy laws across multiple market units, including Australia, China, Indonesia, and the United States.”4

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