Driving Business
Businesses everywhere face unprecedented change, and the future will be dictated by those who innovate first.
Since 2000, 52% of companies in the Fortune 500
have gone out of business.
From 1955 to 2011, it took Fortune 500 companies an average of 20 years to reach a billion-dollar valuation; today’s digital startups are getting there in four.*
Become an intelligent, sustainable enterprise in the cloud
The ones that thrive are the ones that will start the change now. To drive business innovation, you need to develop new business models to avoid disruption in your industry, drive new operational efficiencies to reinvest in your growth, and modernize your mission-critical
systems without business risk. RISE with SAP is a comprehensive solution to help
you become an intelligent, sustainable enterprise in the cloud.
Manage sustainability
Unlock new efficiency
Increase margin
Grow revenue
Run your mission-
critical operations
Reach the cloud
without compromise
Take charge
of change
Protect your
SAP applications
and data
Own your
Accelerate your
Sharpen process
Prioritize optimization
  • Leverage best-
    practice business
    processes with
  • Innovate with built-in intelligent technologies, including artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, and advanced analytics
  • Benefit from tight, native integration between processes, industry depth, and a consistent in-memory data model
services and
  • Use services and tools offered by SAP and the partner ecosystem to enable your business innovation journey
  • Check the readiness of your processes and get technical guidance on moving to SAP S/4HANA Cloud
  • Analyze custom code and add-on compatibility
  • Get tailored recommendations for tangible process improvements
  • Run business profitably by removing process inefficiencies
  • Reduce process variations and manual work
  • Simulate processes for alternative business scenarios
platform and
  • Migrate and maintain relevant master data and keep the core clean
  • Optimize, extend, and automate processes
  • Deploy intelligent technologies and predictive analytics to generate differentiated business
  • Collaborate between manufacturers, dealers, and service providers
  • Build a resilient supply base with access to the world’s largest supplier network
  • Collaborate with logistics partners to manage freight transactions and exchange documents
Drive business innovation
RISE with SAP brings together what you need to innovate your business in the way that works best for you – regardless of your point of departure.

And because we know that business innovation is a journey, not a destination, RISE with SAP allows you to change at a pace that is aligned with your business. Trust that SAP and our partners will be with you every step of the way.
Are you ready to embrace cloud ERP?
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