Learn How to Achieve
Your Business Goals with
SAP Business Network

  • Improve your supply chain processes.

    How can you improve your supply chain processes with increased trading partner collaboration, greater visibility, and new network insights? The right digital business network can help.

  • Learn how SAP Business Network can most effectively meet your business needs.

    To learn which business network can most effectively meet your needs, answer the following questions about your objectives, challenges, and aspirations. Choose all of the answers that apply to your business

Question 1

Which selection best describes your desired business outcomes?

Why it matters

Sharing your top business objectives helps us recommend the best business network solution for your business.

Question 2

Which collaboration breakdowns are most common in your organization?

Why it matters

Improvement begins by acknowledging what needs to change. By identifying critical disconnects in your supply chain, you can pinpoint the best place to start.

Question 3

Which capability would most help your business overcome these challenges and meet your goals?

Why it matters

Are the challenges of supply chain collaboration, spend management, asset management, and logistics keeping you up at night? Targeted business network solutions can help you get ahead – and get some sleep.

Question 4

What types of collaboration improvements are you looking to introduce in your company?

Why it matters

Collaboration disconnects prevent your business from running smoothly. The right collaboration capabilities can help bring everyone together, making your business run more efficiently.

Question 5

Which of the following partners work with your organization?

Why it matters

Having different partners means different data, processes, and interactions. Let’s make sure you focus on the right ones.

Question 6

In which areas does your business need more transparent information?

Why it matters

Having visibility into your business processes means that you can be more responsive to your market and business environment. Greater visibility is the foundation for any form of optimization.


Based on your provided answers, here are the solutions
that can best help you achieve your goals.

* Source: SAP Performance Benchmarking