How Can Agile CX Drive
More Customer Loyalty
and Business Growth?

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Build CX agility to deliver better
customer outcomes
and grow
your business.

According to Aberdeen Strategy & Research, these competitive advantages are all hallmarks of an agile customer experience (CX), delivering critical improvement such as:
Group 1
Customer Experience
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Group 3.6x
annual increase in customer retention rates
Group 2 2
Operational Performance
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Group 3.3x
year-over-year marketing ROI increase achieved by agile CX users
Group 3 3
Financial Improvements
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Group 48%
higher year-over-year growth in annual revenue
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How can your business become an agile CX organization too?

Omer Minkara, VP & Principal Analyst at Aberdeen, explains the benefits of an agile CX program.
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Construct a Foundation for Agile CX

The Aberdeen Strategy & Research study illuminated three key building blocks of agile CX organizations: Accelerate, Engage, and Grow.

Explore the three key building blocks

Energize customer loyalty and drive profitable business growth.

Level up with CX agility
Capitalize on emerging revenue opportunities.
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Identify, convert, and retain customers where they are.
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Scale and strengthen your business through enterprise-grade CX.
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Forge Your Path to Customer Loyalty and Profitable Growth

Businesses that demonstrate agile CX maintain a durable advantage in their market and drive growth and success by:

  • Monitoring and acting on changes in market conditions and customer behavior
  • Anticipating how change may affect current and future business activities
  • Adapting rapidly to address future challenges
Discover your CX agility potential

All data and insights are based on the 2021 Aberdeen report, “CX Agility: The Path to Customer Loyalty and Profitable Business Growth.”

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Ready to get started?

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