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Win the Right Way

“At SAP, we always undertake our business efforts with integrity. Our Global Code of Ethics and Business Conduct for Employees is our guide, and helps us protect our colleagues, business, reputation, and ecosystem.”
Christian Klein, CEO and Member of the Executive Board of SAP SE

Our Values and Culture

Purpose Delivers Promise

Our purpose is to help the world run better and improve people’s lives.

We are respectful and inclusive of our people and stakeholders.

SAP company culture inspires ethical business practices.

Our leadership credo focuses our leaders on doing what’s right.

Ensuring Ethical Business

Do the Right Thing

We must all assess every decision and action to make sure it is legal, fair, and compliant.

If something doesn’t feel right, look right, or sound right, we count on you to speak out.

By raising concerns via our reporting channels, such as Speak Out at SAP, you make a difference.

SAP protects you when you raise a concern.

Ask Yourself

1 Is it legal?



2 Is it in line with SAP policies?



3 Is it reflective of SAP culture and values?



4 Would you be comfortable if this topic appeared in the news?



5 Could it adversely affect SAP, our company, stakeholders, and employees?





Not sure? Check in with your manager if necessary, or ask the respective experts for support.

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“Our ability to deliver great business outcomes and experiences and drive positive impact is underpinned by the trust our customers, partners, and colleagues place in us.” Christian Klein, CEO and Member of the Executive Board of SAP SE

Ensuring Trust in the Workplace

We Strive to Foster Trust

Together, we build an environment where everyone can run at their best.

We believe that there is no organizational health without individual health.

You are expected to be loyal to our company and act in the best interest of SAP.

Ensure you protect the SAP assets you use to perform your work.

Ensuring Trust in Our Business

We Follow the Law and Regulations

We all have a personal responsibility to adhere to the letter and spirit of our Code.

Our commitment to compliance and integrity demands that we work to prevent, detect, and mitigate the risk of fraud.

At SAP, we win the right way and reject bribery and corruption of any sort.

We protect intellectual property, confidential information, personal data, and privacy rights.

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“It is upon each and every one of us to uphold these standards, adhere to this Code, and speak out if or when we feel something is not right.” Christian Klein, CEO and Member of the Executive Board of SAP SE

Ensuring Trust with Our Ecosystem

We Commit to Our Ecosystem

All commitments to our customers must be accurate, truthful, and appropriately approved in advance.

Sound judgement and integrity govern our conduct with suppliers.

We compete according to fair and legal frameworks.

Partners are very important to our business.

Ensuring Trust by Society

We Help the World Run Better and Improve People’s Lives

Our higher purpose goes beyond economic success.

We communicate clearly, effectively, and responsibly.

SAP supports and promotes human rights.

We strive to be a role model as a responsible and sustainable company.

Our global team of ethics and compliance experts is here for you, to provide the support and guidance needed to make strong, ethical, and compliant choices.

Let’s win the right way.

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