SAP Master Data Governance, cloud edition

Self-guided demo

SAP Master Data Governance, cloud edition

Self-guided demo

Explore Master Data Governance, cloud edition

SAP Master Data Governance, cloud edition is a cloud-native solution that makes it easy to quickly kick-start a corporate master data management initiative using a modular, expand-on-demand approach.

The application supports centralized creation and maintenance of master data and helps automate governance by controlling data quality at the point of authorship.

Click here to view the demo customer scenario: Windpark Eco Supplies using SAP Master Data Governance, cloud edition to consolidate, centrally govern and manage business partner master data quality.

The Launchpad provides an easy to use interface to your master data management tools and applications.

As Master Data Specialist at Wind Park Eco Supplies, you need to change the address for the customer Postfossil Energies.

To begin, select Manage Business Partners.

SAP Master Data Governance, cloud edition makes it easy to find and update master records.

A simple search initiated by entering the partner name, Postfossil, returns the matching record.

Select the Postfossil Master Data Record to open it.

Select (Edit) to open the Postfossil record for changes.

You Create New Request using the SAP: Single Request template and name it "Change Address Postfossil" in the Description field...

Scrolling down in the record...

you change the Postfossil address to Eco Park North...

the Postal Code to 49544...

and the House Number to 113...

Select (Save) to retain changes for your personal review, to use related apps and to utilize the Check function.

SAP Master Data Governance, cloud edition empowers you to collaboratively describe, catalog, and implement rules for data quality.

You can initiate Data Quality Evaluations on an add-hoc or scheduled basis, and you can apply data quality rules at the point of data entry.

Select (Check) to apply all rules to the data you just entered.

The Check function immediately notifies you that a Region is required for all addresses in the United States.

You use the Region drop down to select Michigan...

When you define data quality rules, you can also standardize and automate workflow routing and notification, helping ensure paricipation from the right people at the right time, and increasing overall productivity.

Select (Save and Submit) to trigger the Approval Workflow.

As Master Data Steward, Approval Tasks from many of Windpark's Data Quality workflows are routed to Alyssa.

This is her inbox.

Newest tasks appear at the top of the "All Tasks" window.

In the "Request Review" screen, you will see the Request Template you selected and the Description you provided.

Any changes made to the record are grouped near the top for easy viewing.

Alyssa scrolls through the Postfossil Master Record, deciding whether to approve, reject or request changes.

When she approves the changes, the updated Master Record is saved in the central repository and is syndicated to SAP Master Data Integration services, making them available to all Windpark's connected system and applications.

Select the right arrow to continue.

As Master Data Specialist, you feel compelled to check for any other records missing a region that may have been created or loaded into the system before the rule was established.

Select (Evaluation Results) from the Launchpad.

The Evaluation Results Dashboard is fully interactive, allowing you to drill down into detailed data.

You are looking at the non-compliant Address records.

Hovering over the rule displays the detail any time you'd like to see it.

You are excited to select (Process in Mass Request)(All Records), as this will eliminate the need to edit 19 records individually.

This can be done for 2 to hudnred of thousands of records, saving lots of time.

Select (Edit Records), and then select the (Addresses) tab.

Since you once lived in Denvor, you know that all Postal Codes starting with 8 are in Colorado, so you quickly select those records...

then select (Mass Edit), (Selected Records)...

You set the Region to Colorado...

and select (Save), feeling confident using this highly efficient approach, thanks to the statistics, change indicators and validations provided by SAP Master Data Governance, cloude edition.

Select (Save) to trigger the Approval Workflow and subsequent syndication to SAP Master Data Integration services

You and Alyssa collaberate to create and extend business rules that automatically assign regions to postal codes, so similar errors can be avoided in the future, using SAP Master Data Governance, cloud edition, to continuously improve your company's master data.

Select the right arrow to continue.

SAP Master Data Governance, cloud edition makes it easy to:

kick-start a corporate master data management initiative.

consolidate master data into a single view for accurate analytics and operational insights.

centrally govern master data following the processes, rules, and validations you design.

define, enforce, and monitor data quality to improve business outcomes and efficiencies.

deploy a stand-alone cloud solution or extend your on-promise landscape to the cloude.

build out additional master data governance use cases at your own pace.