Further Innovations

Early Access of Brilliant Hire and GreenToken

Toward SAP’s Innovation Vision: Early Access of Brilliant Hire by SAP and GreenToken by SAP

In the past few decades, SAP has evolved by moving to a client-server architecture, revolutionizing data management, and connecting experience with operations. In the next 10 years, SAP plans to reinvent how businesses run and what work is, shaping a future in which human ingenuity and machine intelligence flourish in empathic symbiosis. Using machine intelligence, SAP plans to support humans and power automated businesses from strategy to operations to entire autonomous network ecosystems. And we’ve already started to make SAP’s innovation vision a reality.

Brilliant Hire by SAP integrates with SAP SuccessFactors solutions and helps us achieve our recruitment goals by attracting more qualified candidates to our open jobs.

Stephanie Wheeler, Head of Global Talent Acquisition, W.R. Grace and Company

One example is the Brilliant Hire solution by SAP, which released the early-access version of its smart job matching component to help companies optimize the entire candidate experience. By taking advantage of AI, Brilliant Hire delivers a personalized list of best-match roles for each candidate, helping companies increase their visitor-to-applicant ratio. Integrated with SAP SuccessFactors solutions, the technology in Brilliant Hire can filter any irrelevant job postings and show candidates only those opportunities that truly match their skills and interests. SAP has already launched the new capabilities on its own “Career Site” and has seen an 11% increase in the visitor-to-applicant ratio in just a few weeks because applicants can find a matching job more quickly. W.R. Grace, a leading global supplier of specialty chemicals, is currently testing the smart job matching component as part of the early-access program for Brilliant Hire.

Through this collaboration, we will work with industry leaders, value chains and brands to build traceability of sustainable products from origin to consumers.

Aldo Noseda, Vice President and Chief Information Officer, Eastman Chemical Company

An example of how SAP moves toward enabling and fostering autonomous, cross-company value chains is the early-access version of the GreenToken solution by SAP. As consumers become more conscious of sustainable and ethically sourced materials in the products they buy, they are demanding to know the origin of the raw materials in those products. By combining mass balance accounting and blockchain technology, GreenToken enhances the traceability of raw materials across the supply chain from origin to downstream customer. In 2021, the SAP.iO venture started a pilot project with Eastman Chemical Company to enable traceability of certified recycled content across its product value chain. The SAP and Eastman collaboration is designed to leverage the blockchain-based solution of GreenToken to provide visibility through the value chain of sustainable products, such as the specialty plastics produced with Eastman’s molecular recycling technologies. Through data transparency enabled by blockchain, the solution is designed to give brands and consumers traceable information of sustainable attributes of products, including their percentage of certified recycled content.