Sustainability Management

Enabling Sustainability Reports Globally

Sustainability Reports Enabled with SAP Solutions for Advanced Compliance Reporting [Beta Release August 2021]

Sustainability has become the cornerstone for ethical product design and development. Today, consumers, regulators, and investors are increasingly demanding that companies intensify their focus on sustainability and incorporate it into their business strategy. New regulatory requirements mandate that sustainability reports be provided to authorities globally.

With the SAP Responsible Design and Production solution, SAP enables compliance reporting for sustainability management for global organizations. As with other compliance reports, sustainability reports are enabled using SAP solutions for advanced compliance reporting. These sustainability reports complement SAP’s existing, ready to use legal reports across domains such as taxation, audit, and financial statements for over 51 countries. The built-in capabilities of SAP solutions for advanced compliance reporting enable organizations to optimize their global legal reporting compliance and stay ahead of disruptive transformations. The extensibility capabilities of the solution’s report design environment allow customers and partners to extend their reporting footprint and adapt reports to their individual business needs.