Partners Deliver Value

SAP Partners Delivering Innovations with SAP Business Technology Platform

SAP helps customers become intelligent enterprises with innovative solutions and our partner ecosystem. SAP partners support customers’ transition to the cloud by providing software solutions, services, and packaged assets on SAP Business Technology Platform (SAP BTP).

Keytree, a Deloitte business, and SAP partnered to deliver business outcomes with SAP BTP for Costain Group plc, a 2021 SAP Innovation Award winner in the Transformation Champion category.

Costain is a smart infrastructure solutions company based in the United Kingdom and famous for working on critical national infrastructure projects such as High Speed 2, a national digital twin, and decarbonization of the industrial sector. Costain, Keytree, and SAP co-developed the Intelligent Infrastructure Control Centre (IICC) telematics for critical national infrastructure projects. Costain incorporated data integration and advanced analytics using SAP BTP and leveraging SAP Integration Suite for cloud-to-cloud and cloud-to-on-premise integrations, SAP Analytics Cloud for dashboards with live views of data, and the SAP HANA Cloud database for its in-memory capabilities enabling real-time data visualization and analysis.

Costain is proud to be a strategic technology partner in this industry collaboration that will help accelerate the infrastructure sector towards being ‘digital by default’ – a key to ensuring we maximize innovations that will optimize existing infrastructure, national development programs, and the UK’s net zero carbon journey.

Nathan Marsh, Chief Digital Officer, Costain. More on the impact of the IICC can be found on the Costain Group Web site

The Costain Group success story is just one such example of how partners are integral to customer success and to scenario support in SAP BTP for data to value, integration, and extensibility.

The opportunity for partners to create value for customers is diverse and multi-faceted with SAP BTP:

  • SAP software partners have unprecedented opportunity to extend SAP applications with SAP BTP and accelerate monetization through SAP Store, enabling customers to more rapidly become connected and agile intelligent enterprises.
  • Service partners can continue to bolster their SAP and ABAP practices with SAP BTP, expand cloud expertise, and deliver services and custom content offerings for customers.
  • Through SAP BTP, value-added resellers can transition one-off, customized solutions into repeatable, packaged assets that differentiate their business and their customers’ business.

With over one-third of all SAP Innovation Award finalists working with SAP partners, customers are encouraged to find an SAP Partner.