SAP Business Network

SAP Business Network

SAP Introduces SAP Business Network and Its First Major Innovation Milestone

SAP introduces SAP Business Network, an innovative new solution that reimagines how businesses collaborate with their network of trading partners and will empower companies to unify all the points of interaction and integration across that network to move faster and smarter than ever before.

The first major innovation milestone for SAP Business Network – a unified trading partner portal delivering new collaboration scenarios and enabling greater responsiveness – is now available.

SAP Business Network allows us to communicate with our customers in real time; the reliability of the network gives us unparalleled visibility and connectivity with our most critical customers even in changing business environments.

Ray Pan, IT Customer Technology Manager, Komatsu Limited

The unified experience provides trading partners with a holistic view into all their customer relationships and transactions on the network. On its home page, the all new workbench enables users to customize their experience and maximize their responsiveness to customer needs. Key capabilities of the new SAP Business Network trading partner experience available now include:

  • Centralized access to explore and collaborate with customers
  • Intelligent trading partner onboarding and registration and new collaboration scenarios
  • Highly configurable workbench enabling user-based personalization by role

Technological change in the way of doing business has been happening for some time, and the current global situation has accelerated this process. Today more than ever we need to be at the forefront of this transformation. SAP Business Network has helped us develop more efficient formulas in order to better respond to the needs of the industry.

David Labbe, Digital Business Manager, Reliper Comercial Ltda.

In addition to the new trading partner experience, buyers and trading partners can collaborate using shared data and workflows, applying network-wide intelligence to inform decisions. New services are also being made available to trading partners such as working capital financing. Additional capabilities to be made available later this year include:

  • Real-time global track-and-trace integrated to the purchase order application, enhancing supply chain visibility
  • New working capital solution for trading partners with SAP Supplier Financing, providing access to a network of lenders to help improve cash flow
  • Insights and benchmarking to compare performance with industry peers, improving customer service

SAP will continue to execute on its vision for SAP Business Network, integrating SAP’s leading business networks, including Ariba Network, SAP Logistics Business Network and SAP Asset Intelligence Network, to unify business processes across supplier collaboration, logistics coordination and traceability, and asset intelligence. This strategy will help customers and their trading partners to become more agile and resilient in the face of changing market dynamics and increasingly complex supply chains and drive better business outcomes.