SAP Digital Manufacturing Cloud for Edge Computing

SAP Digital Manufacturing Cloud for Edge Computing: Enabling Mission-Critical Production Processes at Scale (General Availability)

Manufacturing companies have experienced increasing disruptions to their supply chains over the past decade as their supply chains have gotten more complex and globally diverse. New trade tariffs, increasing wages, sustainability considerations, and transportation capacity shortages are just some of the reasons behind growing supply chain disruptions. Such disruptions can result in rising costs and productivity pressures for manufacturing companies.

Supply chains that are flexible enough to respond with agility to disruptions through automated adjustments are the solution. Industry 4.0 is a key strategy to enable process automation that increases business performance, product excellence and the customer experience.

As part of our ongoing Industry 4.0 efforts, SAP launched a new release of SAP Digital Manufacturing Cloud solution for edge computing in the first quarter of 2021 (release 2102). With this new offer, SAP supports factory and plant process transformation at enterprise scale. Customers can now run manufacturing operations from the cloud with only a single data center to control mission critical processes in factories and plants across an entire region. Instead of re-implementing manufacturing processes on-premise, location by location, companies can configure those processes centrally in the cloud on a site-specific basis but operated on an edge device in each individual factory or plant. Such edge hardware is provided by partners of SAP, such as Microsoft.

We were looking for a modern cloud solution for our IT. SAP Digital Manufacturing Cloud convinced us in the end, with its modern cloud architecture and modern user interface. We also appreciate that SAP Digital Manufacturing Cloud will develop quickly and expand further functions. We will benefit from this through the frequent updates and therefore always have the most up-to-date system.

Hendrik Rothe, Managing Director Smart Press Shop GmbH & Co. KG

With automation processes in particular, customers cannot afford to have intermittent connectivity or struggle with bandwidth problems. SAP Digital Manufacturing Cloud for edge computing was introduced specifically for such high-availability scenarios. Mission-critical processes can run more securely in the plant or factory.