SAP Business Technology Platform Actionable Use Cases

SAP Business Technology Platform Use Cases Now Actionable to Deliver Business Outcomes Faster

Use cases are the central elements that guide customers along their digital journey. Today, SAP is advancing to the next level by making use cases actionable and offering customers clear guidance and assets to ease deployment of solutions to create real and immediate business value. These use cases support data-to-value, integration and extension scenarios for SAP solutions. Support for the use cases is pre-built and ready to deploy with executable code built on SAP Business Technology Platform (SAP BTP). With the first wave of actionable use cases already available as missions on SAP Discovery Center, SAP is working across all lines of business and industries with a goal to publish more use cases as missions later this year.

It is great to see that our engagement helps other customers to deliver innovation projects faster into the hands of their users. Actionable use cases enable delivering solutions in days and not months.

Laura Molino, Information Systems – ERP & HR Solutions Manager, Iren SpA

Use cases become actionable as they provide a self-guided digital journey for customers in adopting and consuming SAP BTP. Customers can discover use cases that solve their business challenges and deliver value to their organization with examples of customer success stories. Each use case includes a solution architecture diagram that allows customers to analyze the technical feasibility for implementation in their IT landscape. Additionally, each use case provides step-by-step implementation guides, tutorials, and learning material to deploy the use case in a customer environment.

Actionable use cases help customers to dramatically accelerate the creation of business value with SAP Business Technology Platform and deliver innovations to their end users.

Christian Heinrich, Head of Solutions, sovanta AG

Through introducing actionable use cases and releasing them as missions on SAP Discovery Center, we are helping customers rapidly unlock the value of SAP BTP with successful business outcomes.