SAP BTP Strategy Paper

SAP Business Technology Platform Strategy Paper Now Available

SAP released our new strategy document on SAP Business Technology Platform (SAP BTP). The paper is a must-read for business and transformation experts of SAP technology that want to understand how SAP BTP empowers them to rapidly and conveniently enhance business processes based on SAP solutions.

Now more than ever, the ability to adapt quickly and with real-time insights is the key ingredient to stay ahead of the competition. However, many enterprises still struggle to make the most of their business data and improve and extend their day-to-day operations in an agile way. SAP BTP provides our prime cloud technologies, such as the SAP HANA Cloud database, SAP Integration Suite, or SAP Extension Suite on a unified platform with a harmonized experience.

Our research shows that organizations using a unifying digital platform are more digitally mature. This investment should allow new business models and innovations to be connected to core processes and data assets right from the start. With its evolved strategy and focus on business outcomes and options, SAP Business Technology Platform is designed to enable its customers to innovate on top of SAP-based processes and move toward realizing the Intelligent Enterprise.

Bob Parker, IDC

The SAP BTP strategy paper examines emerging business challenges that companies around the globe need to respond to. It contextualizes new market and technology trends and outlines how SAP translates them into platform solutions that customers and partners can use to speed up their own and their customers’ digital transformation. Readers can learn how SAP BTP supports enterprise-grade integration within and beyond SAP solution landscapes, value creation from any data, and business innovation through enhanced extensibility. Readers can also understand how SAP improves the experience and engagement around its platform, so our customers can gain results faster, harnessing the power of a growing business ecosystem.