SAP BTP Documentation (Beta Release)

SAP Business Technology Platform Documentation Goes Open Source (Beta Release)

Documentation is the number one asset for developers for successful technology adoption. Developers are usually able to provide feedback only one way when they need additional details and examples, and they often do not know when that feedback is considered. However, in times of fast-changing cloud software and collaboration on open-source projects, documentation needs to keep up with that pace and make use of the broad expert knowledge of the community.

To address that need, we plan to start SAP-docs, where experts from customers and partners can contribute to product documentation for SAP Business Technology Platform (SAP BTP). That open environment is based on GitHub, one of the world’s most popular, distributed version control systems (git) with more than 50 million users. The goal is to allow users to propose changes directly to every line of documentation but also to request new chapters and more examples and submit ideas for entire tutorials. Developers can use well-established processes such as pull requests and issues and create content in markdown with their tool of choice to make sure that SAP BTP documentation meets their needs. The contribution guidelines provide participants with a clear understanding of what to do. In addition, they provide transparency on how contributions and feedback (issues and pull requests) get processed.

By allowing users to improve help documentation proactively, this initiative will bring better resources to those who require assistance. As participants, we can pay it forward by helping peers who can also help us by contributing as well.

Tamara Powlas, Senior Business Analyst, Fairfax Water

First, we plan to start piloting SAP-docs with SAP Business Application Studio and SAP Cloud Application Programming Model. This is to create the beta version to pave the way for other pilots.

Collaborating on documentation in this way brings about a shared mindset to contribute to the success of SAP Business Technology Platform. Consumers, collaborators, and SAP experts alike share a common desire, built out of the sense of a combined collaboration, to work together and make things better.